2020 Hindsight- the year in review part one


Hello, it sure has been a long time since I posted to my blog. I really felt like there was not much to say or anything new and of course, I haven't done very much. Then, I thought a year in review might be fun but it really wouldn't be that interesting. Then in January, there was so much going on politically I thought it would be rather frivolous to post. On Friday, I was speaking with a friend and she said she would enjoy reading a year in review post. So here it is, 2020.

In January, we were all blissfully unaware of what was about to happen in the World and in our own country. My sister and I celebrated a friend's birthday at The Rising Eagle in Melrose, MA. We made sure to get seats by the fire, the best seats in the house. 

I transitioned my door decor from Christmas to Winter.

We celebrated another friend's birthday in January. It looks so strange to see people so close together now.

I took an instagram class. My sister had gifted me a photo shoot from Jessie but I decided to take a class from her instead. I learned some great tech tips and how to increase my followers.

I attended a tavern night in February. I watched and sang and danced. So much talent that night at the
Woburn Public Library.

The library is spectacular! They had so many events planned for 2020.

I found a new coffee shop! This one is in Lowell, MA at Mill No 5. It is called Coffee and Cotton. I sat by a non-working fireplace. The place had a great vibe.

Oscar demonstrated his best winter hygge moves.

I snagged a shot of the full moon from Caffe Nero in Andover.

I think this was the last time I sat indoors and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in a coffee shop. It was February 2020 at Kushala Sip in Stoneham.

My sister and I attended a Valentine's Tea/Brunch at our friend Mary's house. Mary made the cute Valentine mug toppers. 

It was fun to have tea with Mary's nieces and their friends.

March was the month when everything shut down. I am not a person who prepares in advance so some hard lessons were learned. I told my sister I had to get groceries as I didn't even have something for lunch. She made a sandwich and gave me some fixings for future meals.

Oscar practiced his social distancing while watching our neighbor do a little Spring cleanup. Lockdown seemed exceptionally cruel as the weather was just starting to get nice.

Casey stopped by on Easter Sunday with macarons she made. They were delicious!

Spring had sprung at the condo and the weather got warmer.

I was still avoiding going anywhere and making due with whatever I had in the fridge. I lost a few pounds which was an unexpected perk of lockdown.

I discovered online ordering and grocery delivery and even scored some toilet paper in April. Oh, the simple joys!

I participated in my first ever drive by birthday party in May.

Oops, this was April. I loved seeing my sister's morning coffee sketches she put up on Facebook each day. This was from a photo of my cappuccino.

I got out of the house for more than a minute and loved the inspirational quotes on the small business storefronts in Reading, MA.

We had a little veggie garden at the condo. My neighbors built it and planted a variety of herbs and veggies and they shared some with me.

I watched the Dropkick Murphy's perform a concert at Fenway Park. It was on You Tube and the stands were empty.

I take care of the front garden and in May things were starting to grow. I was very attentive.

We put flowers on the graves for Memorial Day.

I started to enjoy patio time and I made a little chippy friend. He liked our veggie garden a lot.

 Things started blooming in the front garden.

Oscar was thinking, when is she going to stop working from home?

June is my birth month. I usually plan a whole day trip with friends but not in 2020. We did patio dining at Bunratty Tavern in Reading.  Friends sent birthday gifts by mail. Gena sent me this mug. I am a big Gilmore Girls fan so this was perfect for me. I enjoyed using it for morning coffee on the patio.

My sister painted a watercolor of Oscar enjoying patio dining at Cafe Chatleaine. This was my birthday gift.

The veggie garden exploded with herbs and veggies.

The peonies from the front garden always bloom around my birthday. I cut one this year. Aren't they perfect?

Ninja, the neighbor's bengal cat visited while I was on the porch at my sister's. Sadly, Ninja passed away in 2020. I miss seeing him.

I thank you if you made it this far. This post was really long! I am going to stop here and continue in a few days. I'll recap July through December 2020 next time. I hope you'll come back to my blog for a visit. As always, I welcome your comments. 


Count Robot said…
Poor Ninja. What a cutie.
Marilyn Miller said…
When you were in my email this morning I thought "oh, I haven't heard from her in awhile". Nice to read your review. Sad about Ninja. Loved seeing Oscar. Your sister's artwork is lovely.
Anonymous said…
Enjoyed the blog.
Looking forward to another.
Sheila said…
I can easily see the transition from pre-COVID to pandemic times. You've managed to depict it with few words, appropriate imagery, and minimal sentiment. It allows readers time and space to review their own 2020 transition. Thanks for this thoughtful post.
YarnyDragonfly said…
Thanks for posting your year in review. It was great to see the fun activities and events you participated in before things shut down (and didn't that make them all the more sweeter?!). Even after the shutdown, you still found special moments to enjoy, and captured our changing world (and how adaptable we've become). Your sister's painting of Oscar is adorable (love the "Catio Dining" sign!). She should do a series of these paintings showing Oscar's perspective of pandemic life - I'd buy a book like that! :) Looking forward to your part two year in review.

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