Pardon my sanity in a world insane

Well, I certainly didn't expect to be absent from my blog for this amount of a time. There wasn't really anything to report so I thought it might not be very interesting to read. I decided I'll just tell you what goes on in my daily life and it is probably very similar to yours!

My latest obsession is the garden at the condo.  I water the flowers for the condo garden. "My" flowers are doing pretty well under my care. I talk to them and pay careful attention to them. I get a big kick out of them when they grow tall or wide or bloom at all.

Our condo garden is pretty simple. We have rhodendrons on either side of the front door, hydrangeas, lavender and asiatic lilies (purchased from QVC) and azaleas that never bloom and that is about it.

Here's a look from the side of the garden.  We got a new flag this year. The other one was a bit ratty and about 10 years old. My upstairs neighbor bought it and she also bought the hanging basket flowers. Can you see that copper solar light at the bottom of the photo? Well, I bought a set of them and I wasn't sure I liked them.

When I first put them in the garden, I didn't like them. I thought they looked like aliens had landed on the lawn. They were really bright and we could use the light out front but I wasn't sold on them. I think I am getting used to them and I kind of like them now.

My second obsession these days is the patio. The patio is considered common area. Everyone is pretty much home now so I can't always have patio time. I do enjoy my afternoons on the patio and visits from my chipmunk friend. See him by the car?

Here's the littel cutie. I have yet to get an unblurry shot of him.

I did have a friend over for lunch the other day. We social distanced and ate pizza. I cut some flowers from the garden as a centerpiece.

My birthday was June 15th. My sister and my friends and I did celebrate. We went to outdoor dining at Bunratty Tavern in Reading. They have a large patio and we scored the first reservation at 4:00PM. We figured we wanted to be first, less germs you know. It all went well. My sister gave me a Sheila Foley original, a watercolor of my cat Oscar dining al fresco. Note Cafe Chatelaine is the name of the restaurant. I absolutely love it and so does Oscar! Nobody knows me like my sister.

My friend Gena sent me a Dragonfly Inn mug and it arrived exactly on my birthday! She knows how much I love the Gilmore Girls. 

I also received some gifts cards so let the shopping begin.

I participated in a birthday parade for my friend's Mother. I made the banner through the Walgreen's
app, so easy peazy. Quick to create and quick pickup. Clara calls my sister and I her Irish daughters.
We love her to bits.

Speaking of loving to bits, Oscar is doing well after his bout wih gallstones in April. He is bright eyed and bushy tailed. I am knockng on wood as I write this. 

Poor Oscar, I kiss him about 1,000 times a day and I tell him I love him constantly. I am smothering him I think. He probably can't wait for me to go back to working outside the home again. I am perfectly content as a remote worker.

I titled this post Pardon my sanity in a world insane because that's how I am feeling these days. Thank you Emily Dickinson for your eloquent words. The world is insane and I can forsee myself retreating back to total quarantine as we did in March, April and most of May. Is it healthy to self isolate with just a few trips out for necessities and minimal contact with anyone? I am not sure but it does keep me sane. Tell me how you are coping? I want to hear your thoughts and perspective on a world insane.


Count Robot said…
We stay home most of the time.
The cats love it.
We practice a lot more.
People ask me what I'm doing on the weekends. The answer usually is, staying at home.
Michelle said…
I miss your blogging and so happy you’re back at it! I hear you about this crazy world.
I never went out a lot to begin with but I do miss going to Target lol. ��. Happy belated birthday!!
Marilyn Miller said…
It is kind of strange, but with self isolation it begins to feel normal. It is quite an adventure when leaving the confines of home. Did I remember my mask, hand sanitizer,and hat for the sun? Your Oscar deserves all those kisses. Love the painting. What thoughtful birthday gifts. Happy belated birthday for sure.
lcrenovation said…
Helpful, Thank You. Keep Sharing.
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YarnyDragonfly said…
Somehow I missed commenting on this post - sorry! Yes, it has definitely felt like the whole world has gone crazy during these pandemic times. Venturing out of the house causes anxiety and stress so it's just easier to stay home most of the time. Thank goodness for all sorts of delivery and curbside pickup options in our area, and for other deliveries. Things that are helping my life to feel somewhat normal are fresh flowers on a regular basis, lots of Zoom programs/presentations from local libraries, keeping in touch with friends and family by text, email, phone and snail mail, and trying to stay positive (most of the time). Hang in there!
Francis Weiss said…
Great post thannkyou

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