Springtime in New England

It's Springtime in New England and although not much is blooming where I live right now, it won't be long. So I thought I would let you in on some cool places to get your flower fix.

Last year, I blogged about my trip to the Wicked Tulips Flower Farm in Johnston, Rhode Island. I signed up for emails from Wicked Tulips so I know when their tulips are in full bloom. Click here for their website.

They have U- Pick events where you can pick your own tulip bouquets. 

So buy your tickets as soon as you get the email so you, too, can tip toe through the tulips in May.

The next place to check out is the Cape Cod Lavender Farm. If you enjoy walking through fields of lavender this is your place. Click here to visit their website.

It blooms in June or July. Check the website before making the trip to Harwich.

There is a path that leads to some fairy houses and lovely flowers so there is more to see than the lavender. This farm is smaller than Wicked Tulips.

And in late August/ early September you can visit fields of sunflowers at Colby Farm in Newbury.
Click https://www.colbyfarms.com/ for their website.

The last time I went to Colby Farm it started to rain but only briefly and then the sky was amazing! Pink clouds against a blue sky made for some dramatic photos.

It's a fun trip to visit the farm but it can be quite crowded if you go on the weekend. There was a long line of cars waiting to get into the parking lot the last time I visited. Of course, how could anyone stay in a bad mood with these cheery faces all around you?

I hope you will consider a trip to one or all of these farms. You won't be disappointed!


YarnyDragonfly said…
Wow! Thanks for sharing the beautiful flower photos. They made me smile! I MUST get to the Wicked Tulips farm (maybe this year, although I missed out on the early sale tickets awhile ago). I happened to drive past the sunflower farm one day last year and had no idea that it was a place you could go visit. It was quite a sight coming around the corner and seeing that huge field of sunflowers in bloom! Now I'd like to actually go visit it and see it up close.
Sheila said…
These all sound and look heavenly. Who wouldn't want to go? Seriously. Thanks for the tips and links too.
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