Full Moon Meditation at The Old Manse

I registered for the Full Moon Meditation at The Old Manse in Concord, MA about a week ago. At the time I did not know that I would come down with a head cold. I could have easily cancelled as I signed up to go solo and the cost was only $5.00.

But, the weather was perfect for viewing the Super Moon and there was snow cover and I really wanted to go. So I brought plenty of tissues and bundled up and drove to Concord.

The temperature was below freezing but I didn't care,  just look at the sight as I drove up to this historic home.

The fire awaited us and we were given camp chairs for seating. I knew the evening would be peaceful and calming so I rushed to take photos before we started the meditation. We had been warned that although the ground had about 3 inches of snow there was ice underneath. I was careful when approaching the fire but in my rush to get some great photos I stepped on a patch of ice. Yes, I fell on my butt. Thankfully I have ample padding there so I bounced up as quickly as I fell. Of course my clothing got wet and that's not a good way to start an evening outside in 20 degree temps.

I dusted myself off and wrapped myself in the blanket I brought with me. Snug as a bug I was. Katie tended to the fire and set a beautiful scene.

I loved watching the sparks fly in the quiet night. Just trees and starlight skies surrounding us.

 We had about a dozen brave ladies at the meditation. We listened as Sarah, the on-site director read from Ralph Waldo Emerson's writings about night and moonlight. After she finished the reading, we were guided through meditation exercise and then we spent about 10 minutes in quiet reflection. I felt the warmth of the fire on my face and neck and I noticed the sound of the crackling fire. We heard geese flying by.

After the meditation, we toasted marshmallows, made smores and had hot apple cider.

It felt colder after the meditation. I had shared my blanket with a woman who had been on many meditation events and owl prowls, etc. She was quite interesting and clearly a lover of nature.

I included this photo because I thought the fire's embers looked cool, almost like mini fireworks.

Katie did a great job managing the fire and Sarah was wonderful with the meditation and Emerson's nature readings.

By the way, I found this event on the Trustees website, click here to see upcoming events if you live in the area.

Everyone came prepared for sub freezing temperatures. 

Toasting marshmallows for smores.

At first, I thought that was my thumb in the photo but it was the hat on the woman next to me. I chuckled that I took this photo twice. It was so dark I couldn't see much. I had to just point and shoot and hope the photo would reveal something cool.

The smell of a campfire is so comforting to me. I highly recommend a full moon meditation and don't worry that you missed this one. The Old Manse offers them seasonally according to Sarah.


Sheila said…
Not sure I'd be so willing to go if I already had a cold. Looks great though, and what a reasonable price. The Old Manse has so much to offer, anytime, any season. I can almost smell the bonfire.
YarnyDragonfly said…
This looks magical! Sorry you weren't feeling great and that you fell, but glad you're okay. You even managed to get some great photos and I almost felt like I was right there. I am putting this on my radar for a warmer evening.

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