A Christmas Tea at Hartshorne House

You may remember I attended an ice social at Hartshorne House last Summer. That summer event was held outside in the garden area. Today's Christmas tea was held indoors thankfully, as it was a rainy, dreary day.

I think the house is at it's prettiest at Christmastime. The doors are so beautifully adorned with natural elements.

 The red doors pop against the blue exterior. Did you catch that sign that says the house is circa 1680-1681? What a gift to the citizens of Wakefield, Massachusetts.

 The windows of the door and the wreath make the entrance look like a welcoming face.

The volunteers who helped with the tea did a fantastic job. The tea was piping hot as was the coffee. Yes, I had a cup of each.

The cookies were made by the Board of Directors of Hartshorne House. Very yummy I must say.

The tea service was elegant.

Even Colonel Hartshorne could not stay away from this event.

The caretakers of the house are reflected in the mirror. 

There was quite a crowd at this annual event.

Every corner of the home was tastefully decorated.

I was surprised at how many rooms were on the first floor. So much to explore.

I am thinking I should use some dried fruit in my holiday décor.

No real flames are allowed in the house for obvious reasons. This display had a beautiful glow to it just the same.

I was impressed with the condition of the house. Remember, this house is well over 300 years old!

 Would love to find a bench like this for my home. And look at the wide plank floors!

This is one of several fireplaces. 

As a tea drinker, I was immediately drawn to this tree. It was perfect for the occasion.

And here's a closer look.

 Again, the use of dried fruit gives a little color and interest.

 Who loves a built-in? I certainly do. 

There certainly was no lack of food or drink at this event.

More greenery to add to the festive event.

 This man was explaining about the Norwegian cookies he made for the tea. Krumkaker is the name and they are cone shaped and delicious. Very light. He said he used to make them with his mother.

A woman from the Wakefield Garden Club said she dug up some of the kale from an outside display earlier in the week and then she put them in a plastic container until it was time to decorate Hartshorne House.

I bought a few cards and gave a donation. I realize how much work goes into the planning and execution of this event. It was greatly appreciated by this blogger and I hope the tradition continues for years to come.


Sheila said…
Looks fabulous! The house itself is a treasure and the natural decor complements the historic ambience. Great post!
artistswriter said…
Fascinating, Elaine! Where exactly is the Hartshorne House in Wakefield? Those old Colonial houses bring back great memories of exploring them with my family as a child. Thanks so much for sharing this. They certainly have done a wonderful job of decorating to the period, and providing such a lovely tea. Is this their first year having the house open? Jane xo
YarnyDragonfly said…
I could really go for some of those cookies! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of this event - I almost felt like I was right there. I am sorry I missed it and will put it on my calendar for this year. It really is a treasure.

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