Labor Day Weekend

I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I had a relatively quiet weekend and that was just fine with me.

I got to see a spectacular sunset at Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield, MA. I could not believe the spectrum of colors on Friday night. As I drove around the Lake on my way home I just knew I had to stop my car and attempt to take some photos to do it justice. Wish I had my camera with me instead of just my phone.

I was hired for a cat sitting job this weekend. Yay, I got to see Milo and Sam again! This is Milo.

And this is Sam. He looks a bit like my Percy.

 We had fun together for 3 days, although Sam is pouting here because I would not let him go outside.

And Milo wasn't happy with his house arrest either. Better to be safe than sorry I say.

I went to Concord, MA with my sister. It is a favorite place to visit on weekends.

 We visited the Old Manse and it's garden.

There were quite a few varieties of sunflowers. This one had a unique color.

Here's the history on the garden.

The area was so peaceful.  There were people canoeing on the river.

Here's the boathouse. Such a cool building.

We had lunch at Helen's and then later stopped by the Colonial Inn.

We just wanted dessert so we sat on the patio and ordered the dessert of the day, apple crumb cheesecake. Wow, it was delicious!

Here's a shot of the interior of the Inn.

 Sunday morning was my last time to cat sit Milo and Sam. I will miss them and hopefully I will cat sit for them again. I think they love me despite our disagreement about going outside.

For now, it's back to work but at least it's only a 4 day work week!


Sheila said…
Looks like your weekend was just about perfect, or should I say purrfect?
artistswriter said…
I have to agree with others, Elaine. Perfect weekend. Love your cat-sitting adventure. I don't know! Cat's have long memories!! They'll hold this against you!! ha! That shot of the the lake is spectacular. I just love Concord, too. I think I told you once, I worked in Bedford at what was once Hanscom Field Air Base and we used to go over there for lunch and our family often went to Lexington & Concord growing up. I love the Inn. And the Old Manse. Such a perfect spot set back from the 'path"/road going over the Concord Bridge, I believe. I could always hear Longfellow's poem in my mind, and I swear I could "almost" hear the horses thundering over the road and the bridge!! Thanks for the great memories...again! Jane xo
Count Robot said…
Let me out Humanzzz!
YarnyDragonfly said…
Dessert on the patio looks wonderful (the patio AND the dessert!) and I am adding it to my list of places I'd like to try someday. We've had some gorgeous sunsets lately and you were certainly in the right spot at the right time. Thanks for sharing!

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