Summer Bucket List 2018

Oh my goodness, I usually have my Summer Bucket List done by early June. So I am behind on posting. Well, there's still time for some Summer fun and the weather should be warm through September. Let's hope the humidity goes away soon!

So let's get to it. Here's the list:

1.  Take a cruise to Provincetown from Boston for a day trip,  Boston, MA  anytime
2.  Appleton Farm's Friday Farm Dinners, Ipswich, MA   Friday's in Summer
3.   Pick Your Own Bouquet from the Cutting Garden, North Andover
4.   Sunset Acoustic Harbor Cruise, Portsmouth, NH  July/August
5.   Roaring 20's Lawn Party at Castle Hill, The Crane Estate, Ipswich, MA  8/4-8/5
6.   Take Better Pictures at Night Photography Workshop, North Andover 8/10
7.   Berkshire Lantern Walk, Williamstown, MA     8/9
8.   Harbor Illumination, Hull, MA   7/28 missed it!
9.   Gloucester Schooner Festival and Illuminated Boat Parade, Gloucester, MA   8/31
10. Rockport Fireworks and Illumination Night, Rockport, MA  8/11
11. Pizza After Dark Tours, Boston, MA   August
12. Photowalks Tours- North End/Little Italy, Boston, MA  August

Hope you enjoyed reading my list as much as I enjoyed researching and creating it! What piques your interest on this list? What's on your Summer bucket list, please leave a comment.


Sheila said…
Don't forget Illuminations Night on the Vineyard!!!
Next year add the Fourth of July parade in Wellfleet. A truly unique experience.
-Joan- said…
That's an impressive bucket list :)
I agree with Sheila, don't miss Illumination Night on the Vineyard... it's Wed, Aug 15 this year... just saying :)
Marilyn Miller said…
If I lived nearly by I would be at the Harbour Illumination.
Judy said…
Thanks for sharing this great list! I am copying and pasting your ideas and texting my friends!
artistswriter said…
The Cruise from Boston to Provincetown! I miss the ocean so, and that would be great fun! The illumination nights sound enchanting, too. I agree, about the one on Martha's Vineyard! The gingerbread cottages are just adorable, and it is truly enchanting (used that word again but the only one that truly works!!) Have fun with all of it! Jane xo

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