Forever Young- A Birthday Celebration

It's not every day that you have a birthday that ends in a zero. When you enter a new decade, you must embrace it and plan a day that will always be memorable.

I planned my entire day and I was lucky to have 4 people who indulged my every whim and made themselves totally available to me all day long. It was my best birthday ever!

It was dreary and drizzly when I woke up but that did not dampen my spirit. I drove to Starbucks to get my birthday reward coffee, a venti flat white.

I knew exactly want I wanted to do on my birthday.  I wanted to share the day with my sister and my very best friends, Debbi, Mary and Don.

Our first stop was lunch at Seaglass Restaurant in Salisbury, MA. The restaurant is located on the ocean. The waves crash right under the restaurant, you can't get any closer to the ocean than where we were sitting.

I ordered a lobster roll with mac and cheese on the side. This was a massive lobster roll. Everyone enjoyed their meals and the dreariness of the day burned off and the sun came out.

A lady bug appeared on the windowsill. Good luck for the rest of the day?

This was the restaurant next door to Seaglass. It looks like it belongs in the Carribean not Northern Massachusetts.

And this was the view from our seats.

We finished eating and we headed over to the Arcade which was just across the way. One of my requests was to play Skeeball and then get some trinkets with the massive amounts of tickets I would win. I am quite a good skeeball player!

Do you like to play Skeeball? It is my best sport!

Debbi was an athlete in high school so she did well at Skeeball.

   My sister is good at Skeeball too. Skeeball is all in the wrist, kind of a finesse sport. Don't you think?

Here's the happy crew with their tickets. Now to cash them in.

Everyone except Don got a blingy ring. Don got some army men.

Debbi had her fortune told by Zoltan. Just like in the movie Big.

We left Salisbury and crossed the state line to New Hampshire. I was happy to hear that Hampton Beach was hosting a sand castle competition that very day! So of course, we stopped and walked around the boulevard and looked at the sand castles under construction.

Each creation was amazing!

It takes many hours of work and the right tools.

It was a perfect day for sand sculptures, not too hot and not too cold.

We saved room for ice cream at the Hampton Beach Casino.

Debbi went for 2 kinds of ice cream and notice her blingy ring. We wore them all day.

After having ice cream, we took a scenic drive up to Rye Beach so we could look for beach glass. I was determined to find some nice pieces. Here's Mary in a meditative moment. The ocean does that to me too, just puts me at peace.

Here's the fab five. we're all so nice and lean.

There were lovely flowers growing along the sea wall. Rye has such gorgeous beaches.

I really didn't get too many pieces of beach glass. At least, we had the beach to ourselves.

It's so funny that someone who almost never goes to the beach ended up at 3 beaches for my birthday. We did everything on my birthday list, lunch on the ocean, play skeeball and get some silly trinkets as souvenirs, go for ice cream, and hunt for beach glass.

The day was perfect, the weather was incredible, the company superb and we made memories to last a lifetime. The decade is starting just fine!


Count Robot said…
glad you had a great birthday!
Diane (from Texas) said…
Happy belated birthday! It looked like a wonderful one!
artistswriter said…
What a perfect birthday, Elaine!! Such fun!! That lobster roll looked to die for!! My cousin lives in Rye -- just off the beach! Glad you had so much fun. Happy Birthday, and congratulations on a new decade!!! Go, girl!! Jane xo
Sheila said…
What a fun time! Who knew that you getting older could make us all feel like kids again?!!!! Great memories to treasure too.
YarnyDragonfly said…
Happy Belated Birthday! It looks like you had a perfect day from beginning to end. The restaurant location is amazing! I've been looking for a good ocean front restaurant and this one looks like it's IN the ocean! Will add it to my list - thanks!

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