Royal Wedding Breakfast Tea

I know it's been a few weeks since the Royal Wedding, but I still thought it was worth a post on my blog. A friend and I attended a Royal Wedding Breakfast tea that Saturday morning. Almost nothing gets me out of bed at 4:58 in the morning but the prospect of seeing royalty, romance, and having tea at a lovely venue certainly did the trick.

When we arrived at the Inn, the wedding coverage had already started. We quickly found our table and took a seat. We watched BBC America cover the festivities.

Wasn't that a nice moment when Prince Charles came out to escort Meghan to her waiting groom? There was a collective AWW from the crowd.

We had a choice of tea, I chose Tower of London and my friend went with the Royal Wedding tea.

Everyone looked so lovely in their hats and fascinators I had to take a photo.

See Harry and Meghan at the back of the room?  Yes, they made an appearance.

This woman won a prize for her creative hat.

Royal watching was a sport on this morning.

Here's my fascinator. I ordered it with Amazon Prime because I decided last minute that I needed to look fancy.

Here's a terrible selfie of myself and the happy couple. Note to self: no selfies with beautiful, thin women standing next to you.

The Inn did a great job with the tea tray presentation. That's raspberry fool on the top and a shortbread heart. Mini pork pies, sandwiches with carmelized onions and so much more.

Bacon and chive scones, clam chowder croquettes, and mini sour cream coffee cakes.

There were sandwiches with avocado and sun dried tomato and cucumber sandwiches.

And of course, wedding cake! It was much like the cake served at the royal wedding, lemon and elderflower. It was delicious.

The Royal Wedding was spectacular and I am so glad I experienced it with a friend at the Inn at Hastings Park in Lexington, MA.


Sheila said…
That looks like great fun but this elderflower needs to sleep late. Zzzzz.
Count Robot said…
Glad you had a good time
Angela said…
I love everyone's hats and fascinators and the food looks delicious!

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