Wicked Tulips Flower Farm- Rhode Island

A friend had posted on Facebook about Wicked Tulips Flower Farm and I immediately investigated. I knew I would be visiting this magical place. Located in Johnston, Rhode Island it is about an hour from Boston. It's also close to Providence, a favorite city of mine.

I was supposed to make the trip with my sister but we couldn't get our schedules to coincide. I knew we had only 2-3 weeks to visit so I went alone yesterday. I hesitated going by myself. It's not all that far too drive but I really didn't know exactly where the farm was. I decided to leave my insecurities at home and just go for the adventure.

I am so glad I found out about Wicked Tulips. I had such fun photographing all the unbelievable varieties of tulips. I had no idea there were so many different types.  It was such a joy to see families together soaking up the sunshine and picnicking in such a charming place.

The tulips were very delicate and there were fields just for show and others for picking. My ticket came with the opportunity to pick 10 tulips. I got 20 because I had my sister's ticket too,

I think my favorites were the dark colored ones. I think you see these varieties less often.

But I could be swayed to change my mind. I think these were the blushing ladies and they were stunning.

I thought this woman's outfit suited an outing to a tulip field perfectly.

Such unique colors on some of the flowers. All of them so vibrant.

I wonder how many photos from the tulip field will appear on Christmas cards this year.

The tulips arranged themselves beautifully. I doubt anyone had a bad photo from the day.

I like this photo as it shows the softness of this variety.

I couldn't believe how colorful all the flowers were on a bright sunshiny day. I had secretly hoped for clouds because it usually works better for me when I am shooting outside.

I was speaking with the grandmother to these precious girls. I offered to snap a few photos and email them to her.

The girl on the right is named Lainey. That was my childhood nickname. Her sister is Maizie.

The girls were naturals in front of the camera. Little Mazie did eventually get tired of posing. I loved her sunglasses!

 Back to photographing flowers. I brought every lens I owned with me. The wide angle, the zoom, and my everyday lens. I wanted to experiment with all of them.

I picked my tulips and brought them to the self wrap area.

Then this nice woman said she would be happy to wrap my tulips for me. She gave me tips about keeping the tulips fresh since I wasn't  going home right away. I gave them a dunking in a water bucket and then put some ice cubes in the water when I got home.

Last night they were not in good shape but they rallied this morning and they look gorgeous. Nice reminders of a beautiful daytrip to Wicked Tulips Flower Farm and Rhode Island!


Sheila said…
Wow, what a blast of color! Looks like an inspiring day. Glad you went for it.
-Joan- said…
I love tulips. I didn't know about this place but will have to make a trip there next year for sure. Thank you :)
artistswriter said…
Just beautiful! I love the way you just take off and do these things, Elaine! Good for you! I'm so glad you went. You find such fun things to do around New England.

Jane xo
Marilyn Miller said…
What beautiful tulips! I just love visiting places like this. Good for you for going alone.
Leticia said…
Beautiful pictures. Love thw one with the moman walking by them and the mom amd the kid laughing. Nice job!
Leticia said…
Beautiful pictures. Love thw one with the moman walking by them and the mom amd the kid laughing. Nice job!

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