Afternoon Tea at The Duck and Bunny

After spending a few hours photographing the tulips at the Wicked Tulip Flower Farm, I was in serious need of refreshment. I knew exactly where I wanted to go on this picture perfect day.  I had to visit The Duck and Bunny in Providence. Online, it is described as a creperie and tearoom in a historic house, but it is so much more.

I am always attracted to businesses with chalkboards out front and of course those that serve afternoon tea so I knew my choice was a good one. The Duck and Bunny is just 9 miles and 15 minutes from the Tulip Farm, another plus.

Look at the sign, how adorable! Do you know what a snuggery is? It is a cosy and comfortable place and a British term. Don't we love the Brits and the King's English?  Anyway, step inside with me and you will understand the meaning of snuggery.

I am going to show you the courtyard or English Garden first. It was my choice to eat outside, how could I not on such a fantastic weather day in New England? Perfect weather days do not come all that often here.

I was told by my server Holly that my timing was perfect. The lunchtime crowds had finished their meals and the construction on the next street was done for the day. The breeze was cool enough to satisfy me but not so cool as to ruin any warm food or drink.

Can you see the lights on the pergola? I bet they cast a soft romantic glow at dusk. Cozy, right?

I spied so many plants and greenery in such a small area, I was almost expecting to see some little frogs hopping about. And I would have been good with that.

Here's the cupcake menu among other offerings.

 This is the side of the patio/ courtyard. The umbrellas provided just enough shade from the sun.

I came for tea so that's what I was going to have but there were many other temptations.

I thoroughly enjoyed my pot of Earl Grey. It held almost 4 cups of tea! And the presentation of the tea tray was outstanding.

Tuna with apple, chicken salad with cranberries, sundried tomato spread, and a cucumber with dill sandwich. Earl Grey lavender scone, a lavender and a mocha espresso cupcake and 2 cookies. Chocolate raspberry sauce, clotted cream and strawberry jam.  Wow!

The scone was perfectly baked. Nicely browned and warm!

I could not finish the desserts and I took 3 of them home to enjoy later. Of course, I ate the mocha espresso cupcake right away.

See the fireplace behind those chairs? Not sure if they have real fires in it, but wouldn't this be the perfect spot for tea in the Fall or Winter? I love dark colored walls. So British or Old New England.
I see why The Duck and Bunny is called a snuggery.

There's a much lighter mood in this room but it is also lovely. See the bunny in the painting?

 Another chalkboard, so charming!

This is the last room on the first floor. Yet another fireplace. I see a tea party in my future at The Duck and Bunny.

And the view of this light filled room from the hallway is enchanting. Love the architectural details throughout the house.

And lest you think the owner takes herself too seriously, I give you the light switch in the restroom. Ha!

Every detail is perfection at The Duck and Bunny. I highly recommend this eatery. The location, the service, the food and the value were all top notch. I will be back for sure! Check out their website here and make your own plans to visit the snuggery!


Marilyn Miller said…
It is quite lovely. The food looks wonderful.
Sheila said…
I think I love snuggeries. And everyone knows that tea runs in my bloodstream. Thanks for introducing your readers to a new place.
I've missed you, Elaine, and your wonderful tea posts! This place would have had me at the name. There has to be something cool and creative there with that!! And such a cute courtyard and elegant dining room. Your sandwiches and sweets look so delicious. Do you have a favorite of either after all of the places you've been?

Happy pre-summer to you!

Jane x

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