Embracing Winter- Part 2- Try a little hygge

Sometimes those bitter cold days are just too much for me. I have my moments when I don't want to go outside and have the air hurt my face.

This year in New England we have had many sub freezing days. We worry about the pipes freezing and the heat going out. Never mind the risk of falling on an icy walkway or sidewalk. And when the weatherman calls the latest blizzard a bombogenesis it's probably best to not set foot outside.

A favorite thing to do in the Winter season is to take a snow day. No work, no responsibilities. Just stay home, grab the nearest throw, a hot drink and wait for the kitty to jump on my lap.

Let's talk about hygge. I am sure most of you know of this Danish tradition of creating a sense of coziness and warmth within your home. You can have friends over for food and drink and celebrate the harsh season of Winter. Turn around your I-hate-Winter attitude and embrace the cold.

Here's how I create hygge in my home:

1. as in the photo above (my friend Diane's home), bring in soft lighting. I put twinkle lights on everything. On the mantle in the dining room, the fireplace in the living room, in lanterns, on bookshelves. Everywhere. I hardly need any other lighting in the room and it looks magical.

2. Want to get cozy? What's more relaxing than a nice fire on a cold night? And if you don't have a "real" fireplace, fake it til you make it! My electric fireplace suits Percy just fine. It even has a heater in it so we can pretend we are sitting by a warm fire.

3. What's better than live music in your home? Nothing, absolutely nothing. I've received two invitations for home concerts and they were absolutely magical. Both of them in the Winter time. A sure way to warm up a cold Winter's night.

4. Snuggle with your pets. They help us de-stress and keep warm on those cold Winter days and nights. If your pets are like mine, they are a constant source of entertainment.

5. What's your favorite hot drink? I love them all, coffee, tea, hot spiced cider? Nothing says hygge to me more than a nice warm cup of hot chocolate. And it's even better if it's topped with a homemade marshmallow. 

So there you have it, my tips on embracing Winter in New England. I would love to hear your tips. Please add your suggestions in the comments section.


Count Robot said…
no ones pets are like yours!

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