Embracing Winter- Part 1

We're having a very active Winter in New England. Typically Winter revs up around February, also know as Blizzard month but this year we had snow in December and multiple storms in January. Personally, I love Winter as I am not a warm weather person but, for those who dislike and just endure Winter I have a few suggestions to make the season fun.

The Wolfeboro Inn in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire is having a Fire & Ice Festival. For just $5 you can enjoy the cold Winter air, listen to music, visit their ice bar and watch fire dancing demonstrations.

Every Saturday in February from 1-4  you can attend a Hot Cocoa Bar at Smolak Farm in North Andover, MA. How fun to make your own hot cocoa creation with a variety of toppings and whipped cream. Only $3.99 per person.

A fun attraction in the city is Boston Winter. Until the end of February, you can skate on the outdoor skating path, warm up with food and drink in the Uber lodge and people watch to your heart's content. At Christmastime, Boston Winter turns into a Christmas market with vendors selling items for holiday gift giving. No fee to enter Boston Winter but there is a cost to skate or rent skates.

Not everyone is into Winter sports so how about doing some walking for exercise and sprinkle in a little chocolate ?  Salem's So Sweet is a Chocolate and Ice Sculpture Festival held in Salem, MA. This year's event will be February 9-11th.  Stroll around Salem, do a little Valentine's Day shopping, sample chocolates at various retailers and see 17 ice sculptures. I think this one is definitely doable for me. I love visiting Salem.

At the Old Manse in Concord, MA try Full Moon Trancendental Meditiation. Here's what the website says about this event, "Explore the frosty wilds of the Old Manse's landscape under the first full moon of the new year. We will talk about the birth of the trancendental movement at the Old Manse, and its meanings today before taking time for quiet reflection under the full moon in the stillness of winter. We will warm up with hot cider and a treat at the end of the program". This event will be held January 31st at 7PM.

The Stevens-Coolidge Place in North Andover, MA has the coolest events! Imagine going on an Abominable Snowman Tracking Hike! Track the footprints of various animals on a Winter hike.

Also, at The Stevens-Coolidge Place check out an evening Owl Prowl and listen for great horned and screech owls. Hike by flashlight and bundle up!

One more event at this venue, make a Winter Garden Sculpture. You'll use available items from nature to create a Winter sculpture.

There's so much fun to be had outdoors in Winter. If you live in the area, I hope you will give one or more of these events a try. Embracing Winter is the way to go!


How I wish lived near Boston, Elaine. You have so much going on, and always seem to take advantage of it. Of course there is so much to do in Chicago, but it's always a project getting up there (ha, 35 minutes!), finding parking, and dealing with the cold. Sad excuses, I guess!

Enjoy and share with us!!

Marilyn Miller said…
Now I am also wishing to live close enough to visit these wonderful winter events. It brings back memories of visiting Concord, Ma. years ago. How I love that part of the country.
artistswriter said…
Boy, I'm with you, Elaine!! Winter is my favorite. Alas, no snow here, but we have had lots of cold weather! I just love it!! Believe me, if i was back home, in Mass, I'd be doing all those things you are writing about!! So many wonderful memories of outdoor sports in winter! Enjoy! Enjoy!! For me, too!!! :-) Jane
Nellie said…
What a great post, Elaine! I'm too far away to enjoy these wonderful opportunities, sadly. I must admit, that hot chocolate bar is really calling me.:-)
vegas99bet said…
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Anonymous said…
Although I prefer warmer weather, you have peaked my interest in venturing outside in this winter, especially for an owl prowl.
Count Robot said…
bummer i missed this blog. some great events here that i didn't know about. sigh

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