Pretty Little Stoneham

We had our first snowfall of the season last Saturday. Looking out my window that afternoon, I  was enchanted by the beauty outside my condo. I hopped in my car and drove to our town common which was festively decorated for the holidays.

The First Congregational Church is historic and iconic. I have photographed it many times but it never looks more beautiful than it does during a snowstorm.

Just beyond our town common is the fire station. In 2016, we celebrated it's 100th anniversary. I love living among such history.

It was wet and cold and I decided to warm up at my favorite coffee shop, Kushala Sip, which is just across from the town common.

My plan was to warm up with a nice cappuccino and wait for the golden hour. It's the best time for photography. Of course, there was a storm going on so no golden hour on Saturday but there would be illumination from the Christmas lights on the common.

I took refuge at Kushala Sip, dried off and welcomed the warmth. The barista topped my cappuccino with a cinnamon tree and gave me 2 biscotti. Every town should have a cozy coffeehouse. I am so grateful that Kushala Sip is close to my home.

It turned darker and the snow continued. The common became even more breathtakingly beautiful.

The total snow amount was 6.6 inches. I didn't mind. That's just enough to coat all trees and decorations to perfection but not enough to go over my boots and get my jeans soaked.

I have been posting the photos from that day to my town's community Facebook page. I hashtagged them #prettylittlestoneham and asked others to join in and post their photos of pretty little Stoneham.

It's amazing to see the common after different hours of the day. Always beautiful but constantly changing every minute.

At this point, I accomplished the mission. I got my nighttime photos and experienced the magic of my hometown common.

The lights above are for the not- quite -ready- for- skaters rink.  You can be sure I will be back to photograph the skaters. How I love to skate and photograph winter sports!

Speaking of Winter sports, many decades ago our town had an outdoor winter carnival. I would love to experience it again. We shall see, perhaps our skating rink is the first of many good things to come.

Winter Carnival or not. I think there is no prettier town common than the one in my hometown.


Sheila said…
You're right. Our town Common is a perfect winter wonderland. The evergreen in your next to last photo is what every Christmas tree should look like.
Larry W said…
Very nice photo's Elaine. They make me a little homesick. The towns in this part of PA just don't have the same sense of identity.....or maybe they do but I don't feel it because I didn't grow up here.
MerrieSherrie said…
Oh, how charming your town is!!!! Your photographs are so professional!! You make me long
to live in a small town again! Thank you for sharing your slice of heaven this holiday!!
Count Robot said…
nice photos!

thanks for sharing
Marilyn Miller said…
It is just gorgeous! Yes, how fortunate you are to live near this beauty.
artistswriter said…
Oh, this is just lovely, Elaine!! I agree with Larry! Other parts of the country do their best, but just not the same as the history, "sense of identity", and charm as these wonderful New England towns. This reminds me so much of Reading, too! And Christmas just isn't the same without that lovely soft, fluffy snowfall. So glad this one occurred right on cue in time for Christmas! Thank you so much for sharing, and help alleviate that little pang of home-sickness, is was feeling yesterday, driving around on dry ground! Love your blogs! You are a great photographer!! Jane xo
Anonymous said…
The wonder of winter! Beautiful photographs and one brave photographer out there sharing the community beauty with others.
Unknown said…
Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of our beloved Stoneham. It is nice to see a bit of home from Tennessee.
Unknown said…
Those photos are just beautiful! It’s wonderful to catch the season with such exquisite photos.

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