A Christmas Tradition- celebrating with Jolie and Casey

It was cold and icy the night of Jolie and Casey's Christmas party but there was no way we were missing this event.

A beautiful exterior at the entrance to Jolie's incredible home.

I must warn you, I took MANY photos of this gorgeous home and decorations. I am drawn to older homes and this one was built in the 1700's!

This was only one of the dessert displays. The food was all made from scratch and presentation was as important as flavor.

Every year, I plan to do this with my curtain rods in my kitchen but I never do. I can't imagine how long it took Jolie and Casey to prepare for a party like this.

The kids enjoyed the dessert selections in the built-n cupboard. And I did too!

 Another view of the built-in. It was just stunning.

I think my favorite dessert was the yule log and the meringue mushrooms!

Jolie made the centerpiece. So pretty!

Decorated beautifully, inside and out. This was Casey's tree, adorned with all of Casey's ornaments. I think I counted 4 fully decorated trees on the first floor.

 The kitchen, like any home, was the hub of activity. This was where guests enjoyed appetizers.

 Everyone stopped by the tree to admire it. It was massive. Jolie told me the tree is purchased from the same place every year. The owner's of the tree farm are from Nova Scotia.

So many choices, so little time.

I'll take one of everything!.

Shrimp bites with wasabi and sesame anyone?

Casey posed for a photo with her niece. 

The boys enjoyed video games amid a Christmas glow.

A simple decoration with a wow factor!

A wintry white themed mantel. 

And how many people have a pub in their home? Guests always find this a fun place to hang out.

The Christmas Village was artfully displayed. Notice some of the buildings are elevated?

The entire home had a warm and cozy feeling to it. I think I would like to settle in for a long Winter's nap here.

Polar Express anyone? It certainly felt like it outside that evening. Look at that tree, I told you it was massive.

Back for seconds? There was plenty to eat here.

Jolie's granddaughter was delighted at all there was to see and do in this house!

I did mention the desserts, right? I tried to control myself, I really did.

Isn't this the prettiest gingerbread cookie? It's even dimensional!

Even the windowsills in Jolie's kitchen were festive!

Oh, that yule log! I think I had 2 pieces!

Again, the presentation. Just amazing!

And can you imagine a cookie tray like this one?

Another look at Casey's tree. She cut it down herself. Is there anything this mother-daughter team can't do?

Let's not forget the staircase. 

Our friends were happy after a wonderful meal and we all had a great time.  The party was truly a labor of love from Jolie and Casey to their friends and family. I am so grateful to be included on the guest list!


Sheila said…
The highlight of the season, as always. Don't know how they do it all, but they always manage. Great pics to remember a wonderful night.
Count Robot said…
I ate a blog worthy cookie!!!

What a beautiful home! The food, the decorations, wow! I'm an old home lover too... thankfully here in New England there are many.

Marilyn Miller said…
Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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