Autumn in New England- A walk around my neighborhood

Fall is my favorite time of year. I just love to walk around and see all the colors of Fall both natural and manmade. My neighborhood is filled with older homes. Some of them are on the National Registry of Historic Places.

This home had a colorful display of mums on the steps. Many of the homes in this area of town have interesting porches and doorways.

I am still deciding on a Fall display for the front of my condo. Fall will be over before I get my act together!

The owners of this home always create a lovely display. Can you tell the owner is a house painter?

When in Boston, you must show off your sports team pride (and throw in a little Halloween).

There was  garden in front of a house that was massive. This butterfly was having a grand time flitting from flower to flower.

Of course, I had to photograph the display that had a cat!

I thought this home had interesting colors and a beautiful wreath too.

Some people really need to address the cobweb situation at their homes.

Actually the webs make really cool decorations.

I mentioned that there are many historic homes around my neighborhood. A few streets from where I live is a section once known as Nobility Hill. Quite a few homes are on the National Registry in that area.

A touch of  whimsy for Halloween.

I pass by this house all the time and I never noticed this cross and stone before my walk today.

My friend owned this house until August. It's nice to see the new owners are keeping up with it and decorating as my friend did.

I love the copper watering can.

And this bin is cool too.

Someone had put a painting on their porch and everything was color coordinated nicely.

I hope you enjoyed walking around my neighborhood with me. It's nice to slow down and take in the little things that make the area special. The leaves are at peak color now and I just had to bring home a souvenir.


Marilyn Miller said…
I do love those old historic houses you have in the east. When I have visited in the fall the pumpkins and mums are especially wonderful.
Andrew Holowenczak said…
You are a good writer but even better photographer! . Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your blog.
Anonymous said…
You are a good writer but even better photographer! . Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your blog.

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