Summer recap- the dog days are over

It's time to say goodbye to Summer 2017 and hello to Fall. In retrospect, it was a cruel, cruel Summer with a few nice moments. It was a Summer of terrible losses. I lost a cherished aunt, my sweet Molly, a childhood neighbor and a co-worker who had become a friend.

This post is about some of the lighter moments and the good times. After viewing my photos from the Summer, I realized I did have some fun.

I dined outside as often as possible, except when it was hot and humid. I prefer cooler temps,  hence the New England address.  The photo above is from lunch I enjoyed at ZuZu's Café in Wakefield. Great food, great patio and within walking distance of work. Fabulous!

Speaking of dining alfresco, this was the ultimate dining out experience. My friends Debbi and Marguerite and myself went to an event called Solstice Picnic on the Roof.  The rooftop for the Crane Estate at Castle Hill was opened for dining on the evening of the Summer Solstice.

As you can see, the view was spectacular! We had a 360 degree ocean view!

This is the cupola of the Crane Estate.

From the rooftop, we saw Essex, Newburyport, and of course Ipswich where the Crane Estate is located.

We had five baby bunnies in the garden at the bank where I work. An accident in the parking lot with one of the bunnies had us relocating them. Two employees moved them into their yards and the bunnies are doing well in their new location.

Speaking of bunnies, I went to war with the bunnies in my garden. They went at the daylilies with a vengeance. They ate several before they bloomed. This is one of the survivors.

Sometimes you just find bits of joy in unexpected places. This was in a parking lot in Melrose.

A close friend sold her house and moved about 45 minutes away. She used to live within walking distance of me.

I photographed the Melrose Summer Stroll for the Melrose Chamber of Commerce. Such a great, community building event. Each year the crowds get bigger.

And I attended an ice cream social at the Hartshorne House in Wakefield. It was a gorgeous evening. I ran into a friend there.

The Hartshorne House is a historic home with lovely gardens and a lakeside view.

The lake was so peaceful that night. Perfect weather for an ice cream social or sailing!

I attended illumination night in Rockport with my sister and friends. It's always a fun night.

One of these days I will master fireworks photos with my phone!

The homes and businesses in Rockport were decorated with lanterns. Such ambiance!

My sister and I took our annual pilgrimage to York, Maine to visit friends. I sat on this deck most of the day.

The view from inside the cottage was just as amazing!

We stayed until the sun set and reluctantly drove home.

A few years ago, I found out about a sunflower field at Colby Farm in Newbury. Last time, I missed the full bloom of the sunflowers. This year, I was not going to miss it!

This young girl was having a photo shoot. She was with her mother and a photographer. They had props for the rain which was smart since it started to pour when I was there. I had to snap a few of my own photos as I was fascinated with watching the photographer as she captured the beauty of the girl.

They certainly came prepared. Wish I could see their finished photos!

Something tells me she is used to being photographed.

Backlit by the sun.

I wasn't kidding, this was a huge field of sunflowers.

The clouds rolled in, the rain poured down and it made for a dramatic sunset. I got wet but it was worth it. The sky was spectacular!

And just like that, the Summer days were over. Some good days, some bad days and  now we're on to my favorite season, Autumn! It's a really special time here. I hope you'll visit again to check out my travels and the tales of my life in sweet New England!


Sheila said…
You're right. There were lovely joyful moments. And you have captured them too. Can't wait to see your fall posts.
Marilyn Miller said…
What a fun post. That picture of the sunflowers with the sunset is frame worthy. Gorgeous!
Salmagundi said…
You always find such beauty in life, and share it with your photos. Thanks. Sally
Diane McDowell said…
Elaine, I was sorry to hear of the losses you experienced this summer. But, I am glad you discovered the uplifting moments you had, too! The pictures are lovely, and I always enjoy reading your perspective on your adventures. Thanks to you I now love Rockport, and the Nubble light in York has been my favorite since I discovered it on my first visit to Maine in the early 2000s. May your fall season be filled with more exciting adventures!
artistswriter said…
Hi Elaine:

Delightful time out for some snapshots of your New England summer and a bit of good nostalgia from my home area! That was Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield, of course, wasn't it! I didn't realize they grew fields of sunflowers like that in New England! Gorgeous! Is that the old post office building across from ZuZu's? My mom used to take us shopping in Wakefield, regularly (from Reading) when we were growing up. I think there was a Parke Snow's Department store on Main Street there! Dining at Crane's Castle must have been fabulous! We used to drive by it when we went to the beach, but I was never inside.

It's always fun to see a bit of the Boston "burbs" through your eyes!!


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