Good Night Sweet Molly

My sweet Molly went to heaven on September 5th. It was the ending of an emotional roller coaster of a Summer. Molly's kidney disease started to worsen around the 4th of July but with daily fluids she looked like she was improving. It was a short lived improvement.

Those last 2 months were spent caring for her and loving her. I am glad we had the time as I had to prepare myself for her final days. I gave her my full attention.

We were a family for 15 1/2 years and although I had hoped we could celebrate her sweet 16th birthday together, I will have special memories of my beautiful girl.

I adopted Molly from an organization called Kitty Angels. She was rescued with her mother and siblings from a trailer park in Hooksett, New Hampshire. Her original name was Little Martha but I knew that did not suit her and she became Molly.

She was the only being I knew who became more beautiful with age. One of her vets once said she had a beautiful feminine face. I have to agree, she was a stunner.

I do not believe she was ever in pain, and in the end I had to make a difficult decision but I was prepared for it. My sister and I were there for Molly in the end, petting her head and giving chin scratches as she purred. It was peaceful and calm and I know she was smiling as she went to heaven.


artistswriter said…
I'm so sorry, Elaine. She was a beautiful cat, and I know how much you miss her. Wishing you happy days ahead and prayers for getting through your loss. Jane xoxo
Diane said…
Elaine, I was sorry to see this post; I know how important your kittens are to you. I know you are thankful for the many years you got to enjoy one another's company. I pray for your comfort in this loss of a very important part of your life.
Elaine~I know this heartache all too precious kitty girl "Pony" has past suddenly.
She was my constant companion all day, ever day. I miss the music of her foot steps as she'd walk down the hall towards me. She wouldn't go to bed until I joined her and my hubby. In my home she's every where and yet no where. No amount of tears can quench my longing for her. My hope for you and myself is that someday these tears of sadness will be replaced with tears of joy recalling the sweet memories they've tucked away in our hearts.

Hugs to you,

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