Tablescapes and flower arranging at Sweetbay

I am on the email list of my favorite shop in Wakefield and whenever they have an event I try to attend. So when the invite to a tablescape demonstration at Sweetbay came to my inbox, I of course accepted.

The demonstration was given by shop owner, Beth Hylan and her daughter Liz. Beth opened the class by telling us she was going to do a few different looks. The first was a beachy theme.

Beth said she likes to use neutral candles and natural elements as often as possible.

In addition to the candles and sea shells, she added grasses for color. She mentioned that varying the height of the candles adds more interest.

She continued to add more natural elements, even some flowers from Liz's garden.

I like this theme very much and I plan to use my ivory flameless candles to replicate the look. My kitties would be very curious if they saw something like this on my table.

Beth said it is good to have a prop closet of trays, some wooden and others metal to play with. I agree,  I love to use different plates and trays to add interest to my tabletop.

The second theme was a more rustic, woodsy theme. I would use this in the Fall.

Beth used birch look candles to enhance the woodsy theme. Notice the varying heights of the elements.

She said we can use simple fabrics for a rustic look. Burlap or drop cloths are easy to find.

A nice mix of items in your home can make an amazing centerpiece!

I like to give birch bark candles as gifts around the holidays.

Both Beth and Liz are floral designers. Mother and daughter learned very different techniques and both are extremely talented. Beth has created many floral arrangements for me over the years.

Now for some floral arrangements. Did you know you can force a rose to open by blowing on it? Try it and watch the petals open.

Liz used different sizes and shapes of bottles for her arrangement.

Again, using flowers from her garden she created a stunning centerpiece.

Liz likes color and her arrangement on a galvanized tray looked fresh and Summery.

Some hosta leaves can make the arrangement look a bit more elegant.

Here is the completed look.

We had some refreshments and shopping time after the class. I am looking forward to more classes at Sweetbay especially anything involving decorating for my favorite season, Fall.


I would definitely have a ball at a demo like this. I especially like the floral arrangement. I have trays---I never thought to use a pretty plate (or platter).

Thanks so much for sharing!

Jane x
Salmagundi said…
Great tips for table arrangements. I always enjoy your posts as you get out and about New England. Sally

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