Our house is a very, very, very fine house

It's Memorial Day weekend and I am relaxing at home with not many plans. That's fine with me as there is always plenty to do at home. Of course, it doesn't get done but there is plenty to do. Ha! I get distracted too easily by books and magazines I want to read or invitations to do something fun.

Or the cats. All three of them can distract me so easily. The joys of living with cats.

Our house is a very fine house in it's thoughtfully planned colors of Mayflower Red, Clinton Brown, Waterbury Cream and Peele Green. So, despite it's overgrown garden, large patches of grass dug up by the plow guy, and front stairs that need attention, it's home. I get to live the life I want and enjoy the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

I will be thinking of those who gave all for our freedom this Memorial Day weekend and will keep them in my heart all year round. I hope you will pause during the holiday weekend and do the same.


I was happy to see a post from you, Elaine. I've been a bit sporadic in blogging and I hoped I hadn't missed too many!

Have you moved? I don't recognize this as your home. It's beautiful by all counts, very, very, very fine!! :)

I hope you are enjoying the holiday. It's peaceful at the lake...well somewhat. Lots of partiers!

Jane x
Elaine said…
@Blondie'sJournal I have sadly neglected my blog but hope to get back to blogging regularly.

This is my home. We painted it a different color a few years ago so it has a different look. Could never afford today's prices glad I bought 8 years ago.

Thanks for reading my post. Will visit your blog soon.

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