The latest painting is the best!

It's been a while since I blogged about my sister's live event painting business. This is her latest completed painting and I think it's her best. I love the colors, the venue and of course the pose of the bride and groom.

Here's a close-up of an incomplete section.  It's fun to look back at the progression of the piece.

See how empty it looks without the table of people in the back.

The section to the right of the bride will be filled in with the table full of wedding guests.

This was the painting on the night of the wedding. The background was filled in and the placement of the tables began. Guests will come and go as the painting develops. Something may look good but then it could change based on the overall flow of the painting. It takes weeks to finish one painting. The painting starts at the venue and is finished in the studio.

Prior to the wedding, my sister and I took a field trip to the venue which was in Foxboro, Massachusetts, home of the New England Patriots. She bribed me by saying I could visit Gillette Stadium if I took a ride with her. She always likes to scope out the place so she has a sense of the room she will portray on canvas.

The town of Foxboro was actually very quaint. The town common had a lovely stone church in the middle of it. A very old graveyard stood next to the church and there was a cannon on the green as well.

It looked like many of our towns in New England, old stone churches on commons.. Snow just added to the charm in Winter.

And I got to see the very impressive Gillette Stadium. No Patriots were there but it was great to see where they play.

If you would like to commission my sister to paint at your special event in New England please contact me at


artistswriter said…
Wonderful blog, Elaine! Your sister is a wonderful artist. Is she classically trained? I'm very interested in artist's backgrounds, since Gene (my husband) is a professional artist. Whatever her training, she has real talent. Loved seeing the quintessential New England church, too. I've been following a friend through the English countryside (well, I think you follow her, too. It's Susan Branch), and I've been struck how typically English, New England is! Surprise!! I never thought of it, growing up there. It was just "home". Always love seeing what you are up to! Jane xoxo

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