Sudbury Colonial Faire and Muster of Fyfes and Drums

Today my sister and I drove out to Sudbury, Massachusetts to attend the Sudbury Colonial Faire and Muster of Fyfes and Drums. We love historical events.

My sister plays the fife and she was a member of the Lincoln Minutemen. They were in attendance today and my sister saw some of her old friends.

We listened to a number of groups from Massachusetts and Connecticut.

This guy was the center of attention for the game Soak the Bloke. He was soaked from having water soaked sponge balls thrown about his head and face.

This man made some beautiful items and showed us how he makes spoons.

I enjoyed seeing all of his work.

Another man crafted 18th century reproductions. I loved those lanterns but a reenactor was just paying for them as I arrived at the booth. I got some cool candlesticks which will be a gift for a friend.

Here is the lantern maker. His name is Larry and he lives locally.

I always love to look at pottery shops and to see a potter in action is even better.

The potter explained how he creates his pieces.

I loved the attire for the Ancient Mariners. This man was smoking a pipe when he noticed I was taking his photo. He put the pipe down and I told him I liked the pipe and the smoke. So he made sure I had smoke in my photo!

They start them young in the world of colonial fifers and drummers.

Here's another shot of the Ancient Mariners. They were having so much fun.

This group, the Middlesex County Volunteers, was phenomenal. What a commanding presence! I love watching them. I had seen them perform at the Bedford Polecapping and I was so impressed.

After browsing at the booths and listening to the various groups, we decided to take a lunch break at Longfellow's Wayside Inn.

I ordered the Nantucket Lunchbox which consisted of clam chowder and a lobster slider. Yum! It was delicious. My sister had the healthier option, the Harvest Salad with Roasted Chicken.

Unfortunately, the trees were not showing their Autumn colors yet. Too bad, it would have been a pretty drive to the Inn. My sister reminded me that we could always come back. Yes we can, it's not that far.

Already planning my next visit!


Sheila Foley said…
We are so lucky to live in a historic and beautiful part of the country. There are fun events to attend nearby and gorgeous weather much of the year.

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