Year in Review 2015, Part 1

2015 was quite a full year. I had so much going on that I am going to need more than one blogpost to share it with you.

The year started off in sadness as my Mom passed away in January. She had a stroke in 2004 and was in a nursing home ever since. As the months go by I am remembering her as my Mom, a vibrant woman who loved fashion, her family and close circle of friends and animals. The memory of my mother as a stroke victim is fading away. She was stylish as a young woman (pictured here with my sister) and for most of her life.  In fact, she was often described as elegant. She once confessed to me that she wished she had gone to school for fashion.

Here's another pic of my Dad, Mum and sister. My mother loved to dress us in the latest fashions as well.

We said a final goodbye to my mother on a bitter cold day and shortly thereafter it snowed. And snowed and snowed and snowed. 101 inches in Boston in about 6 weeks. My condo was buried with snow and we had to get a bobcat to stack the snow on two different occasions. It was a costly Winter for sure.

At the beginning of March, I ventured out. The lure of a crepe party at our family friend Jolie's house sent me up to Georgetown, MA on a bitter cold night. This was my sister's Christmas present to everyone and Jolie became our personal chef. It was a magical evening.

I had fun at some Chamber of Commerce events and tried something different for one of their photos. I take their event photos. This one was at a store called Madison Ave.

2015 was the year of the house concert as I attended two of them in the Winter. What a nice way to gather with friends old and new.  This is a concert at Diane's house in Arlington.

And this concert was in the music room of friend's Deborah and Roger in Concord.

We had a family party in April for my Aunt who turned 85. I love this photo of her. It was nice to see family especially those I never see who came up from Florida.

Well, I have many more months to cover so I hope you will stay tuned for the next installment of 2015, a year in review.


so sorry about your Mom Not sure if I had been following your blog at that time. I know how hard that is, the first anniversary is always so hard too. I am so sorry. I do remember many of the photos you posted below that. You had a great year all in all. catchatwithcarenandcody
Your memories of your mom make me feel sad and also happy---she sounds like she was an extraordinary lady. I remember when I first started visiting your blog well over 5 years ago, you visited your mom very often. I wasn't sure what happened. I know it must have been sad to see her decline.

I've always thought that you have wonderful photography skills, I hope you pursue that more in 2016---if that's what you'd like. I also love how you (and your sister) explore Boston and all of the great areas around you. You make every day and weekend a wonderful adventure that keeps me smiling!

Looking forward to Part 2!!

Jane x

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