Christmas 2015 Bucket List

The holidays can be exhausting. I have heard people say, "I'm glad they're over". I don't ever want to be like that. I want to enjoy every minute of the holidays as the special season it should be.

So I have created my Christmas Bucket List and because we are well into the season I have already accomplished some of the items on the list. I do not have it jam packed so I will have plenty of time to shop, wrap and enjoy some down time.

Here's my list for 2015:

1. attend the antique fair at St. Paul's Episcopal Church  done 12/5
2. attend the Somerville Flea- holiday flea market  done 12/6
3. see Nubble Lighthouse lit up with Christmas lights   done 12/18
4. attend the Tea Burning reenactment in Lexington  done 12/13
5. attend the Holiday Vintage Bazaar at Pettengill Farm  done 11/21
6. go to Stone Zoo and see the Zoolights one evening done 12/26
7. make my own gift wrap done 12.24
8. go Christmas Caroling
9. go to Burdick's in Harvard Square for the world's best hot chocolate  done 12/11
10. attend a town tree lighting done 12/4
11. walk around at the Holiday Stroll in Wakefield   done 12/5
12. go for a Christmas afternoon tea
13. decorate the condo with twinkle lights and greenery   done 12/23
14. go to Blink, a light and laser show at Fanueil Hall, Boston
15. attend Waterfire Providence holiday event

Please share some of your Christmas must dos. I would love to hear about your traditions.


Larry W said…
Busy, busy, busy.
Nellie said…
That is quite a list! We have twin daughters whose birthday is the 23rd, so celebrating that event is probably a tradition for us. They will be 41, and their big sister is 42! We do always make the Christmas Eve service at church. I never want the holidays to end!
Count Robot said…
merry christmas!

my list:
go to the fright before christmas-done!

Not only have you crossed off or totally enjoyed so much of your bucket list these are events and times that don't always happen more than once in a lifetime, or when we are able to enjoy them. Cheers and hurray for you!

Merry Christmas!

Jane x

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