A Fond Farewell To Summer 2015

On my birthday, June 15th, I shared my Summer Bucket List with you. I knew I would not complete it and from now on I will create it with the caveat that I do not need to finish the list, but it sure would be fun. You can look at that post for the results. I did cross some things off the Summer list but many things were unfinished.

I still had a great Summer. Here are some of the other things I did that I did not blog about.

I put lights in the garden in front of the condo. I think it lends a magical feeling to the front yard.

All of my neighbors think the lights are really cool and the copper color goes well with the color of the house and looks great in daylight.

I had the pleasure of catsitting Leo twice. You know I love a tuxedo cat.

I went antiquing and yard saleing. I did not go to a flea market but I hope to get to one before the end of the season.

I saw many beautiful sunsets in a few New England states.

I attended a fun event at the local zoo. A Wild Affair was a great time with friends and wonderful food and amazing animals.

I finally got to go to the spectacular Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport. I saw an HD broadcast of Helen Mirren in The Audience. It was fantastic! Yes the seats at this venue face the ocean!

Ok, I visited my beloved Rockport 3 times this Summer.

Besides Leo, I got to catsit his brother Forest. Forest is a little more rambunctious.

 I thought Forest was missing in the house one time. Looked all over for him. He was on top of the refrigerator just looking down at me as I called his name. Little rascal.

I consumed my fair share of ice cream. No place was better than the ice cream shop with an oceanview in York, Maine.

I am not a sun worshipper but I do enjoy a nice walk on or by the beach. This is Short Sands Beach in York, Maine.

I saw a strange rainbow. It never fully formed into an arc but it was beautiful nonetheless.

I hit 1,000 followers on Pinterest. Just goes to show you what great taste I have!

I took time to smell the roses and the ocean air and to take in every ocean view I could.

This picture is so odd. There was such a weird cloud cover one evening I just had to stop the car and take a photo. Looked kind of like the world was going to end or we were about to have a massive storm. Luckily nothing happened.

I practiced my nighttime photography with a friend and looked into the heavens for meteor showers, rainbows, planet convergences, constellations and full moons.

It was a great Summer and it is almost over. I bid a fond farewell to Summer 2015 and now it's time to prepare the Autumn Bucket List!



I don't think you need any sort of list. For as long as I have known you I find that you chase down events and good times that suit you perfectly. Living in New England provides for all of the things you seem to love and I am so happy for you in that regard.

I enjoyed this recap and the photos! :)

Jane x
Sheila said…
Your summer, and mine, turned out to be surprisingly good.
Piranha Banana said…
Very very nice opportunities. Appreciate your sharing them. Thank you - a good nudge for certain people to get my chihuahua bucket list in order.

Tiny Woofs,
Val said…
Yes, those lights! Beautiful addition.

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