Photography for the Foodie- A South End workshop

Back in June, I took a food photography workshop in Boston's South End. The training was given by the same women that did the edible flower workshop I attended. Betty and Meg are fantastic teachers and just fun people to be around.

I took this photo at the end of the class. We had breakfast and some instruction then a trip to SOWA, a vintage market in Boston, lunch with ingredients purchased from the farmer's market at SOWA and more instruction.

Look at this adorable place setting. It was quite the swag bag. Very impressive!

Meg spoke about props in food photography. She usually uses white plates rather than patterned ones so the plate will not draw attention from the food. Flatware and cutlery are a different story. Sometimes they can add to the interest in a photo.

Our class was held at Farm and Fable in Boston. Such a cute shop and we received a discount if we shopped the day of the workshop.

These are some of the props we would use in our photo shoots.

Betty set the stage for our photo shoot.  We had nice light streaming in from the shop windows. Betty likes to use a step stool for a nice overview of the food palette. 

That bread was as delicious as it looked and it was straight from the farmer's market.

Here's a closer look at some of the items we photographed.

Betty said it is sometimes nice to have someone hold the food item so she asked for a volunteer.

I had a great vantage point.

 Then I took my shot of the breakfast leftovers.

The Farmer's Market at SOWA was so colorful.

Fruits, vegetables, flowers, baked goods. A culinary wonderland.

The displays were top notch too. After we visited the vintage and farmer's markets we walked back to the shop and ate lunch.

The artistry on this chalkboard menu was amazing!
The strawberry gazpacho was fantastic as was the quiche, and the salad and the desserts. You certainly would not have been hungry after this luncheon.
We did some more shooting and styled our own photos in groups of two. I totally enjoyed myself at this event. I hope to attend more of Betty and Meg's workshops in the future.


Would love to take a class like that!
This looks like it was so much fun! The whole day (or morning). I'd love to find a class like this. The photos are awesome. I always wonder how much importance goes into the placement of the food and utensils. I know to use odd numbers when doing more than one food group, and things are best looking casual...the cake cut into, the cracker crumbled. Any other good tips to pass along to this poor class deprived person?!

Jane x

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