Summer Bucket List 2015

Every Summer I make a Bucket List of fun things I want to do. Since today is my birthday and Summer is just days away I should probably reveal my list.

I never complete the entire list but that's ok. Some years the list has been ambitious.  This year I am going to cheat a bit. There will be items on the list that I have already scheduled and there are some repeats of previous years. Call them Summer traditions. So without further ado, my Summer Bucket List for 2015.

1.  Trip to Kennebunkport, ME- my birthday plans for a daytrip to Kennebunkport were cxld due to rain. Done, sort of went to York, Maine twice.
2.  Attend the Lantern Festival in Jamaica Plain, MA. Done in Newburyport.
3.  Sunset lighthouse cruise from Rye, NH. Done.
4.  Antiquing in Exeter, NH and having a German Iced Coffee.
5.  Attend Waterfire in Providence, RI- what Summer is complete without a trip to Waterfire?
6.  See a fireworks display- Wakefield, Boston? Not sure where yet. Done.Wakefield and Rockport
7.  Attend the Vintage Bazaar in Salisbury, MA. Saturday 9/26
8.  Take the boat from Boston to Provincetown- check out the dune tour.  No.
9.  Attend Rockport Coastal Garden Tour. Missed it!
10. Daytrip to Wickford, RI- had hoped to visit this Spring, will try again this Summer. Newport instead.

There you have it. My 2015 Summer Bucket List. Anything sound good to you? What are your Summer plans?


Happy Birthday!!!

So sorry about your cancellation in plans to go to Maine--I would have been bummed, too.

Lousy weather everywhere. We had horrible tornado warnings and flash flood this afternoon. My daughter was stranded coming home from work with the rain and standing water--not to mention the ominous skies. Very odd for funnel clouds spotted so close to the city and the lake. We're all good now.

Love your Bucket List for summer. I've made one for my pup since his cancer scare! :)

Jane x
jolie said…
Make it happen.Life is to short.
What a coincidence!
I just returned from Cape Cod. I was there last Thursday til Sunday morning!
My cousin has a second home in North Truro.
I did exactly what you are hoping to do "Take the boat from Boston to Provincetown- check out the dune tour."
I rode the ferry and was on the dune tour! It was fun!!!!! Our guide was Dodi and she was the BEST!
Joan said…
happy belated birthday
enjoyed reading your bucket list, thinking of making one of my own now :)
artistswriter said…
Happy Birthday! How delightful to live in a place where you have so many options for day trips! Not anything like that here, but we are neck deep in getting some books written and published, so probably don't need the distraction (pleasant as they are) right now. I do miss it, though, having grown up in Reading and doing many of the things you mentions!! Do enjoy and have some great seafood for me along the way!! :-)
YarnyDragonfly said…
Happy belated birthday! Hope you'll get a chance to do your birthday trip another day. Love your summer bucket list - I was very intrigued by the Lantern Festival - where and when is it held?

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