Sailing off into the Sunset

Last weekend was jam packed with activities for me. I had something going on every day. A sunset lighthouse cruise was the perfect way to kick off my weekend.

My sister and 3 friends joined me for the evening. We were blessed with perfect cruising weather.  Not too hot and not too cold and not too windy. I wisely dressed in layers. Last year I was very cold at the end of the evening.

We were to see 3 lighthouses on this cruise. The first one was White Island Lighthouse.

This lighthouse is located on White Island, the southernmost of the Isles of Shoals. The public is not allowed to visit the lighthouse so you can only see it via boat.

I made a friend on the boat. She was on vacation in New England and very excited to be on the cruise.

Oh I love those ripples in the water from the boat's wake and the sound is music to my ears. Notice the sky, it is starting to turn to my favorite colors. Lavenders and pinks against a luscious blue. Heaven!

 We approached my favorite lighthouse when the sky was showing it's pastel perfection. The color is fleeting so you have to focus and take it all in quickly.

This is Whaleback Lighthouse. It is made of granite.

The last lighthouse was Portsmouth Harbor Light. This one was cool because the beacon was green. At this point the lavender and pink colors morphed ever so gently into orange hues.

I was playing with the settings on the camera as the boat turned. Our guide was a photographer so he had the captain change the boat's position and we were able to get shots from different angles of the lighthouse.

It was getting much darker now but luckily that green light shone brightly.

I was fascinated with the clouds. You know you need clouds for a perfect sunset.

The moon was beautiful and there was a convergence between Jupiter, Venus and the Moon. I was not able to get a good shot but believe me, it was spectacular! I heard that the peak evening to see the convergence is June 30th so mark your calendar. I will be in Rockport that evening so fingers crossed it is a clear night!

Everyone had a great time. We picnicked on the boat, had wine and then coffee and made plans for our next adventure!


Salmagundi said…
As usual, beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing for those of us that live elsewhere. Always a treat from you!!! Sally
Nellie said…
How absolutely lovely! How I would love to take that same trip!
artistswriter said…
What a great break for me to see the lovely New England sea! So much to do there in summer. How well I remember it all!! Thanks for sharing it with me!! One of these summers I'll get back up there to visit everyone. I might have to put that cruise on my list! I have a cousin that lives in Rye, NH -- not too far! Doesn't the Isle of Shoals cruise leave out of Rye Beach? I might be mistaken -- I know it isn't far from there!!

Looking forward to your next adventure!! :-)
what fun! That looks simply glorious!
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Count Robot said…
cool! i'm blog worthy! thanks for inviting us.
I enjoyed your pictures more than you know---what a lovely exciting adventure. Here's to many more!

Jane x
There is nothing more exciting than the sea....and I SO love the Atlantic coast! We had the pleasure of living right on the water in Beverly, Mass. while going to grad school, and we just returned from a magical THIRD honeymoon in Carmel by the sea, California, where 33 years ago, we honeymooned. Oh the ocean, our mother sea! Thank you so much for coming to visit!! Anita
Donna said…
That is the most beautiful sunset ever!! I'm so glad you had such a beautiful evening. And I agree, dressing in layers is the way to go! I hope you're enjoying the summer! It's been beautiful!

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