Crepe party in Georgetown

Usually I like to stay home on Saturday nights. I like to relax and catch up on my reading, my television watching and then of course, there's the kitties. Yes, I am getting very boring in my old age.

Last Saturday, my sister hired her friend Jolie to prepare dinner for a group of friends. Dinner at Jolie's? I told my sister I was crashing the event! And I was glad I did because Jolie creates magic!

The dinner party was a Christmas present from my sister to her friends. My sister picked the menu and Jolie opened her home to guests and also prepared the meal.  As you can see from the photos, Jolie's home is warm and cozy and artistically decorated.

The dining room took my breath away. The room was surrounded by soft candlelight and the wall color added warmth to the scene. The décor, a clever mix of antiques and treasures from travels around the world. A cozy spot just begging me to enter and enjoy the pleasures of a fine meal with my favorite people. Jolie created all of this herself. She is such a friend to my sister and now to me too!

An amazing salad of chickpeas, greens, couscous, and other yummy ingredients was the first course. The dressing was delicious too. Of course it was homemade. All I know is it had yogurt in it and tumeric and it was perfect on the salad.

Croissants worthy of any French patisserie were served. Again, they were Jolie's creation.

Paul and Deb were giddy with excitement for the next course. Which was ...

Shrimp and scallop crepes with a white sauce. Maybe that sauce had the yogurt in it. I am not sure. The crepes and sauce were so delicious.  I wanted more than one but I knew dessert was coming so I refrained from having the second crepe. 
I have had Jolie's cream puffs before and they are to die for! She says they are so easy to make.  Yeah, right. Not for me.

We enjoyed wine and tea and French Roast coffee. The wine glasses were from Sweden, a favorite travel spot for Jolie. She loves flea marketing there and visiting her many Swedish friends.

Here is the piece de resistance! Chocolate mousse in a gorgeous dish. I ate the chocolate mousse but the cream puffs went home with me. Yes, Jolie provides doggie bags.
I just had to show you the magnificent built-in to the right in the photo. I would love to have a built-in at my condo. Jolie's house is very old with so much charm in every room.
One last photo of the evening. I wanted to show the beautiful beams on the ceiling.
So there you have it. One spectacular Winter's night in New England. I'll never forget it!


weaverpat said…
Lucky you to have such a wonderful friend! That dinner was amazing!

BTW, I like your slide show to the right of the posts.
Robin Larkspur said…
Good grief! What a spectacular meal in such a beautiful setting. I adore that built-in! Oh, to be so creative with such a flair for cooking, decorating and styling. Sigh! That mousse!!
Salmagundi said…
Looks like that was worthy of a trip out on a Winter evening. What fun! Sally
Oh my!! Thank you so much for sharing with us!
Jolie's home is just my style....I could feel the warmth and coziness through your photos!
The menu appeared to be to die for!! OMG cream puffs! I wouldn't be able to make them if my life depended on it!
Is Jolie a professional Chef? She appears to be!
Marvelous post, thank you so much!
Jane Franks said…
Very inspiring post! The crepes and cream puffs looked wonderful. I'm going to look for a recipe to try them! Thank you for sharing a wonderful evening with friends!
Nellie said…
Amazing dinner and setting! Homemade croissants? Never had those! How fortunate you are to have such friends!
Sheila said…
Looking at this post almost made me relive the evening, right down to tasting that chocolate mousse. Yum! Jolie, that was amazing! And whoever took these photos knows how to make my mouth water.
Count Robot said…
it was a blast. thanks sheila. elaine thanks for making us blog worthy!
Jolie starr said…
Oh Elaine you always make my home look so nice Thank you for that.I so much enjoy you and Sheila,and meeting your friends

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