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It's been a while since I shamelessly plugged my sister's live event painting business. I do not think I posted this one yet.  Here is the overview of the painting.
For those of you new to my blog, my sister is an artist. One of her many talents is painting the goings on of an event in real time. Well, she starts the painting at the event and then completes it at her studio. Weddings are the most popular events but she is available to do birthday parties and anniversaries or really any celebration.
A closer view. Now you can see the expressions on some of the guests.

It is important to find out who will be the most prominent in the painting.

A closer look at the bride and groom.
Some of the guests will forever attend this wedding. Immortalized on canvas.
Live event painting is becoming more popular and my sister has had some good press lately. She was on the show Chronicle in Boston. The segment was called Who Knew? And she was featured in a nice article by the Boston Globe.
If you would like information on live event painting for your celebration, please email me at I will forward your request to my sister.


Your sister is extremely talented. These works remind me o wonderful impressionist artists. Does she use photos for inspiration? I hope she was able to contact my niece...let me know.

Thanks for your visits. Stay warm! :)

Jane x
Nellie said…
Great that your sister is receiving recognition for her talent!
Jane Franks said…
Congratulations to your sister! Nice work. My husband is a professional artist -- has been doing it for decades. He does portraiture among other things, and knows the difficulty of getting people done right. She has a nice feel, and her proportions are good. She is also great with composition. These are a huge undertaking. Good, her! How long does it take to complete something like this? What is her price structure? (You can email me privately if you want to: So glad she is getting some recognition by the press. That is so important. She is in a great part of the country for promoting art. We are in a less desirable (won't say where it is -- don't want to insult anyone!) place for selling art. I'm from the Boston area, and have been working on my husband to consider getting into a more lucrative market! We'll see!! But great to see this and thanks so much for sharing it!
Robin Larkspur said…
Fabulous artistry. Shamelessly plug away!!!
WOW, what detail! She is truly a pro! I love how many of us are "called" to detail in different ways. A painter as your sister obviously needs to observe then take hours to transfer her impressions with just the right skills. I can't EVEN begin to think how or how LONG I'd have to spend sitting in front of the canvas to be this good! Yet, I love to sit in front of the blank page, and to type. I've been at it all morning, and I could be here all night.

Thank you dear one for coming to visit. I am not leaving blogland entirely; I am still visiting people, and I'm not deleting my blog, but rather I am starting the process of gathering my better blog posts in order to edit and revise them in order to have a carefully edited manuscript for self-publishing into a hard copy.

I hope to do all of this within the year.

HAPPY 2015! Anita
oh my!!! Her work is INCREDIBLE! My father who passed in 2001, was an Editorial Cartoonist (Ray Osrin), so I deeply appreciate talent such as your sister's
Does she paint "live" at the event or from photos?
I sooo wish she was in Michigan!!!
Her work is just fabulous!
Michelle said…
That is truly an amazing talent! To paint the even right I love, love, love her work!

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