Here we go a caroling and the giveway winner revealed

Our friend Mary invited my sister and I to a caroling party at her home. She had invited her sister and nieces as well. We had not seen some of the girls in years so of course we said we would go.

We walked around Mary's neighborhood and the girls sang a few songs as did my sister. I took photos and Mary's husband led the way with the flashlight.

Heather is leading us in Silent Night.

While we were walking the neighborhood, a woman came out of her home with her baby. She said, "I have never in my life seen or heard Christmas carolers so I had to come out with my baby." Her baby named Lincoln will be one year old on Christmas Eve. She stayed with us for a bit.

It was quite cold so we did not stay out long. Just long enough to sing all of the 12 days of Christmas on the way back to the house.

It was so dark picture taking was not optimal. I snapped this one on the front steps.

And this one of Christina, Victoria, Heather and Amanda by the tree.

Mary made her lemon cookies. My Dad calls them Snowdrops. They are his favorite.

And Christina dubbed these as Personal Pies. They are actually mini apple pies. Yum!

I snapped this photo of cousins, Amanda and Heather.

And then I found this one I had taken in 2007 when Heather was just a little girl.

Another cousins shot of Christina and Victoria. Victoria is now in college. My how time flies!

Heather tried to take a selfie with the group but kept cutting people out of the photo.

It was rather amusing to watch.

Here is a sisters shot of Victoria and Heather. I told Heather I was going to put the star on her head.
I succeeded!

Maybe one more gingerbread man for the road! Oh and before I forget, congratulations to Laura Jenkins, my giveaway winner. Your magazine is in the mail.


Sheila said…
It was exciting to initiate that neighbor and her son to the world of caroling. Who knew what fun singing a few songs out in the cold could be? I think we all enjoyed it. Nice blogpost.
Nancy R. said…
I have been going to a house party the last 5-6 years where many people come togther and sing Christmas Carols. It is one of my new favorite traditions. The host plays the piano and sheet music is handed out. Young, old and middle aged people all sing. It is a tradition passed on to my friend Gail from her parents. I feel very lucky to get invited.
Count Robot said…
what a wonderful thing to do!
merry christmas
Robin Larkspur said…
Christmas caroling! No one does that anymore. How much fun it must have been, and then sweet treats afterwards. Love the photos of all these beautiful young women! Thanks for sharing.
artistswriter said…
How special for everyone and you to go caroling!! Congratulations Laura!! Excited for you!!
What a fun and festive post! I haven't seen carolers in YEARS! Wish you lived by me!
I love seeing people pics! How fun to do the caroling...never have but we've had a few sing-alongs back in the day! So, not me!

Merry Christmas, Elaine!! Love ya!

Jane x
Val said…
How lovely--all of this, but the fact that you went caroling. It seems rare these days. Merry Christmas to you!

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