Thanksgiving Wishes

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I am not hosting so I just have to make the potatoes. Percy is ready. Percy is always ready for a big feed.

This Thanksgiving is bittersweet. My Mother is in the hospital so no Thanksgiving dinner for her. Usually my Dad has lunch/dinner with her at her nursing home and my sister and I go to a friend's for dinner. Later, we visit my Mother and eat leftovers with Dad.

Bittersweet because this will be the first time in 10 years my Dad will have Thanksgiving Dinner with my sister, me and our friends. It will be nice to be together again but we are sad that my Mother is ill and in the hospital. She is improving but not ready to be released. We will visit her after dinner.

I will be thankful to have my friends and family around me tomorrow. In fact, I thank God for them everyday.

We are having beastly weather right now, I can hear the freezing rain hitting my windows. I am so glad to be home from work. I only skidded once! I hope all those who travel tonight reach their destinations safely and I wish a happy and healthful Thanksgiving to all my American blog readers.


Sheila said…
I echo these heartfelt sentiments.
Salmagundi said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you. Stay safe and warm! Sally
Deb said…
Good wishes go out for your mom. "Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours." Percy has the right idea. :)
Nellie said…
Sending good wishes for your mother. Stay safe, and have a good Thanksgiving.
Jane Franks said…
Best wishes for you and your family. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I can sympathize with the bittersweet aspect. My Dad went home to heaven 4 years ago at this time of year, and I it a bittersweet memory, too. But we are grateful for many blessings. We are safe, and warm and well fed and in peace. I hope you have many unexpected blessings this day! Jane
so sorry to hear about your Mom, I know how hard that is (((hugs)))
Robin Larkspur said…
Sending you hugs and bright blessings and hopes that your mom will be out of the hospital very soon.

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