Anthropologie Event- Fall Workshop

This is a long overdue post. Back in October, I signed up to attend a Fall crafting workshop at my local Anthropologie in Burlington.  I expected to be the only older person there but since Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores and I am Fall obsessed I decided to go for it anyway. Does anyone say go for it anymore?

The workshop coordinator, Jessica, could not have been nicer and there were pumpkin scones and apple cider for refreshments. The company was cordial.  We learned to make acorns from chipboard and wire.

Britta was a natural at making the acorns as was Morgan whose hand was pictured above. Evidently making acorns was not my forte, I struggled a bit but all of the college girls pitched in to help me.  I decided taking photos was a better use of my time. I also peppered Jessica with questions about Anthro.

Once we became more comfortable with each other, silliness ensued. Britta was ready for Halloween.

We talked about our pets and shared photos of them. Two of the women had sibling dachsunds. 

I continued to ask Jessica about the ins and outs of Anthro. I wanted to know all the dirt secrets of this fabulous store. Jessica was very willing to answer any and all questions. She works as a visual merchandiser in Burlington. She is given a theme to work with to merchandise the store. Actually every store is given the same theme but each store has the freedom to do their own displays. Of course the plans have to be approved.

The gold leaf is just gold paper die cuts that were folded in half and then crinkled by hand. I was a natural at this and I spent the rest of my time crinkling leaves and talking to Jessica. The leaves were to be hung on branches Jessica had gathered from her neighbor's backyard.

Jessica is one lucky girl. She gets to go to antique stores and flea markets like Brimfield and buy one of a kind items for the store. Sometimes the items are just for display but other times they sell them. She pointed out the equestrian display that had been merchandised from a local flea market.

I was fascinated with the info and decided immediately that this would be a dream job. I could see my sister excelling at this job. She is an artist, she always has out of the box ideas, she has an educational background and she is very good at creating with her hands.

We were given a good sized discount coupon which I immediately used to buy two adorable mugs. I will post a photo when I use them.

I encourage you to look at the Anthro events calendar on the website and see if there are events in your area. You won't be disappointed!


Elaine...I never knew Anthro had these workshops. I have to do a search. Yet, it sounds like you are comfortable doing these things and I am incredibly shy in intimate groups. I know you said you all loosened up, I would be the last one! Maybe there is hope for me.

Thanks for getting the goods!! I always thought being a window dresser (as they called them back in the day) would be so much fun. Now you see displays in these sorts of shops that just blow you away! I do think Anthro is ahead of the game though...they must have a lot of talent and of course, they let the designers have a free reign. Imagine going to antique shops to make your own design! Maybe your sis should look into it?

I am starting a collection of their mugs for my daughter. When (and if!!) she moves out, she will have them. She just loves that sort of eclectic vibe without being too modern.

Thanks for a great post.

Jane x
must love junk said…
This is so interesting! Never heard of these workshops. Good for you, going for it and having fun! :)
Robin Larkspur said…
love this post. good for you for keeping calm and crafting on!

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