Halloween at Jolie's

When the handmade invite to Jolie's Halloween party arrived in the mail, I knew where I was headed on Friday October 24th. Jolie's parties are not to be missed. She is a masterful cook and decorator plus I like her guest list so her party is always an Event! Her daughter Casey is following in her footsteps as she is a talented young woman too.

A fog machine was used to create a spooky mist over the living room. White sheets strewn over the sofa and chairs gave the room a creepy abandoned look. Did I mention the house was built in the 1700's? Who knows what ghosts lurk there?

My sister dressed as a minuteman and looked a little ghostly in the fog room.

There is a pub in the house. Jello "shots" for all who enter the bar area.

Aidan tried his darndest to look ghastly. His Ipad illuminated his face and gave him an eerie look.

Even the family dog, Buddy, got in on the act. Buddy was dressed as a sailor and he was strutting his stuff at the party.

Casey put on a scary face but in real life she is too pretty to be scary.

I mentioned that Jolie is a masterful cook. Oh my, yes. Mini quiches, ham salad wraps, chicken wings, pulled pork sliders, shrimp on skewers, etc. All so delicious.

Back at the pub, pirates took over the bartending. Aargh!

And we had a visit from a flapper and a gangster. I guess the bar was not a pub but a speakeasy.

Eew! Someone had a little run in with the meat slicing machine!

More spookiness in the living room.

The table in the dining room was beautifully illuminated. This is where the desserts were housed.

Eek!  Mice under glass. I will pass on that dessert. Looks like the mice got at it anyway.

I am glad that Jolie was able to sit down for a minute and enjoy her friends.

We all decided to rest at the end of the night. Time for the honeycrisp apple pie, whoopee pies with orange cream, and shortbread "fingers".
Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!


Salmagundi said…
What talented friends you have!! Looks like a good time was had by all. Sally
what an incredibly spooky and FUN Halloween party!! I love when people go all out like that. Thanks so much for visiting our blog today. Cody and I are now following YOU!
Jolie sure knows how to put on a great party. The sheets and the fog, the jello "shots" (lol!!!)...everything was very well orchestrated!! The food looked wonderful, too!. Did you dress up? Your sister looked cute.

Can't wait to hear about your Harvest Party!

Jane xx

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