Come with me now

I love to walk around the neighborhood but I rarely do it. So this morning after I moved my car so the painters could work on the house, I realized it would be the perfect morning to take a walk.

I started walking in the direction of Winchester. I noticed my neighbor's shrubs were steaming and I stopped to take a photo. Not sure you can see the steam but it was there.

My sister and I have recently had conversations about being more present and more aware in our lives. So I took time to notice EVERYTHING!  At first I thought I saw a white cat in this garden. Turns out there were 2 cat statues. Cute.

There's quite a party on the lawn of this house. Love the dancing skeletons. They were having a great time this morning.

So the meteorologist said we are not a peak color yet in the Boston area. It looks peak to me.

  From the cords attached to these pumpkins I guess we have some illumination going on at night. Perhaps a return visit in the evening is in order.

And my house, probably the last photo taken with the gold exterior. Soon to be Mayflower Red, Waterbury Cream trim and Clinton Brown accents. More on that later.

So what else did I see on my be present in your life walk? Not too much litter I am happy to say, just one soda bottle and one little nip glass bottle. One couch and a loveseat reclining outside someone's house. Another couch in front of a different house. One blind child sign, 2 women walking their dogs, 1 child walking her dog Oreo, a King Cavalier who had a wiggly butt and jumped excitedly all over me. Wet leaves stuck to car windshields and hoods. Very few cars on the road or people around at 8:45 on a Sunday morning. I saw Boston Marathon victim and survivor Marc Fucarile climbing the steps to his mother's home very gingerly. His child with him and an ice coffee in hand he was greeted warmly by his brother at the front door. Family time on a Sunday morning.

As for me, back home to my 3 kitties and some breakfast.  All is well in my little neighborhood on this Sunday morning.


You live in such a pretty neighborhood and no, I don't think your weather person has seen your leaves!! Beautiful. The dancing skeletons really made me laugh!!

I like you and your sister's agreement to be more aware...I'm going to do that. There is so much happening outdoors this time of year, forever changing. Blink and you miss it!

Jane xx
Salmagundi said…
Enjoyed your morning walk! Sally
Jane Franks said…
Nice little stroll around your neighborhood! I'm eager to see your new color scheme. Hope you will photo and show us!! Happy October!! :-)
I love the front door and I'm sure you'd agree that once you enter it and those 3 kitties greet you there is no place like home...
Sharon Lovejoy said…
I liked reading this and thinking more about being present in the moment, which is something I've really been trying to do.

LOVE that color red. I had a cottage that color with an ivory trim. I think I first fell in love with the color when I started reading books by Carl Larsson, the Swedish artist. For awhile my New England cottage was also red, but we replaced the shingles. It will be read again one day.

Smart of you to take a plunge into the creative to keep yourself refreshed and happy (and appreciative).

Happy week,


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