Vacation Bliss- A day in York, Maine

One day is really all you need to feel like you are on vacation. I had just about 12 hours to spend in York, Maine but it was enough. The entire time I was there I was in vacation mode.

I love just sitting and looking at the ocean. The sounds and the smell are instant relaxation.
Benches dot the area near Nubble Lighthouse. It is prime seating for watching the wave action and people watching.
We took the usual group photos. It's fun to see how we have changed over the years. Well, not always fun because we have all gotten older!
We took the photo in front of Nubble Light. That is always the first photo we take.
Kids always love jumping on the rocks.
My favorite subjects are fathers and sons.
Let's not forget our four legged friends.

They love to visit Nubble Light too!

Our furbabies are important photo subjects.

This pooch would dance for treats.

This dog wanted no part of crawling on the rocks. She left her owner in the lurch.

She much preferred posing with my sister. Her name is Brooklyn and she is very sweet.

We were excited to see a bride and her bridal party arrive on the scene. I guess she needed an iced coffee break. Did you notice the straw matched the color of her bridesmaid's gowns?

What a nice setting for a wedding photo!
The wedding photographer told the party to only look at her camera as many of us onlookers were snapping photos too.

Oops, the flower girl looked at me.
And finally, three cheers for the bride and groom!
There were photographers everywhere like this one who stopped to photograph the lighthouse. His dog gave me a nice smile.
The baby was so cute I could not resist taking this photo.

After we spent a good long time in the sun, we headed back to the cottage. It was getting cloudy anyway. The view, as you can see, is spectacular from the house. The lighthouse is not far away at all.

Here's the view looking in the other direction.
As usual, there was a visit by a kitty. A pretty golden kitty who seemed to be on a mission. She went into the brush and we did not see her again. You may remember that Percy was rescued from this very location but he was a little kitten and in need of assistance.
We had a wonderful home cooked meal of meatballs, manicotti, and garlic bread for dinner. The cupcakes were for my Sister because we never did celebrate her birthday as a family. She went away the weekend of her birthday.
Our friends sent us off with boxes of homemade goodies, blonde brownies, blueberry lemon bread, and lemon cookies.
The only thing left to do was survive a white knuckled ride home in torrential rain. I actually pulled off the highway and took side roads because it was too harrowing to stay on the highway.
We arrived home safely and lived to enjoy the desserts and the memories another day.


Aleshea said…
Oh wow those are great photos. And I am glad y'all made it home safe.
Sheila said…
Wish I was there. Oh, wait. I was. What a wonderful day and scary drive home.
Sounds like you had a good trip (minus the drive home)! The beach and lighthouse look awesome!
Deborah said…
Looks like such a joyous time! Beautiful photos!

All my heart,
-Joan- said…
Great pictures... I love that lighthouse as well.
Your cabin couldn't have been in a better spot.
Thank you for sharing, it's been too long since I've been to Maine.
Anne said…
Wonderful photos. Its a year ago since we were in New England and I have thought about it almost every day since we came back. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

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