Cool finds at the Vintage Bazaar

Last weekend I attended the Vintage Bazaar in Salisbury, Massachusetts. The Bazaar is held in June and September at the Pettengill Farm. The weather was again perfect for an outdoor activity. We have been blessed with mild temps and dry weather. Actually, we do need rain. I just prefer it not fall on the weekend.

The Bazaar is really held at a farm. It only adds to the appeal of the event, at least for me.

 I think this bird wanted to get into an already occupied space and it was talking up a storm. Clearly, it was annoyed!

They have really cute digs don't you agree? 

I've noticed from my multiple trips to the Bazaar that some people are very chic. This holds true for vendors and visitors alike.

Some of the vendors demonstrated their products. Isn't this table turning out well?

And you could say this was a unique table. I can see it in an industrial chic loft with brick walls and a blend of modern and repurposed pieces.

Bookshelves made of milk crates. Very cool and nicely done.

Other vendors appealed to the hopeless romantics. Um, that would be me!

Cool color on this piece and the vendor was the sweetest woman with her young children with her. The kids were very small and enjoying all the visitors to their momma's booth. This was definitely not their first road show.

A woman had her friend hold up this shelf made from salvage. She was trying to figure out if it would fit in her newly constructed home. It was very cool and she did buy it. I was glad she did as I really enjoy the husband and wife team who make the pieces. I had met them before at one of the bazaars last year.

This is another one of their pieces. I really liked it and could see it in my home, but I kept thinking the kitties could knock it over. So it did not go home with me.


They also made this spice rack from a picture frame.

I love this wisk turned pendant light. If I had a kitchen island, I would buy two of them. But I don't so I moved on.

These are the vendors who make the wisk lights among other cool things. Don't you love her boots?

There's a fan in there. And it doubles as seating. An awesome find.

One more item from this fantasticly clever couple. Rusty candleholders. Nice!

My eye caught these grain or feed sack bags. I spent a long time looking at these bags. All the designs were unique. I did not know I needed one of these.

But evidently I did need one and the vendor proudly posed for me with the one I bought. This has plenty of room for my camera and sturdy handles. I used it immediately and I got stopped a number of times by people who either complimented me or wanted to know where to get one.

Ooh, I love old watches and watch parts. I love rummaging through them. Fill a scoop is a great idea!

Cool pieces but I did not need any. Other people were really enjoying picking their favorites.

I did buy some of these. Wouldn't they be cute as napkin rings for a New Year's Eve party or a birthday dinner?

I just love acorns. I have no idea why. Probably because they remind me of Autumn.

Those clocks and watchfaces and acorns belong to the woman on the right. I asked if I could take a photo of her. I loved her outfit and boots and she was definitely Vintage Bazaar Chic! Everyone  wore stylish boots.

There was so much to look at. I got there at 12 and left around 4. I was thrilled to converse with so many talented people. Living their dreams. Good for them. Wish it was me.

Looking at so much creativity is exhausting or maybe it's just inspiration overload. Anyone I was hungry and decided to take a lunch break.  Don't worry you won't go hungry at the Vintage Bazaar. These vendors brought their own oven.

The pizzas were selling well. I would imagine they had a very good day.

And I liked their logo. They are based in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire hence the name and wolf logo.

This vendor has a shop in Troy, New York. Her mother did the artwork in this photo.

 I followed her (the daughter on Instagram). I bought some coffee themed coasters at her booth.

Oh darn, I meant to circle back to this booth and pick up a few flour sack towels. I love them!!

My Facebook friend, Jen Parrish, made her debut at this Vintage Bazaar. Her jewelry and displays are always interesting and spectacular! I am a proud owner of several pieces from Parrish Relics.

I picked up some lunch from the Trolley. They were so busy. I waited until later in the day. My panko crusted chicken on a stick was delicious!

I told you the visitors were very vintage chic!

I think I saw every single booth at the Bazaar. I did not want to miss anything. The show certainly attracts high quality vendors. I was very impressed with the creative displays and the quality of work.  I will look forward to the next event which rumor has it will be outdoors at the Farm in October or November! A little birdie told me.


Salmagundi said…
What a fun afternoon for you with so much eye candy. Thanks for sharing it with us. Sally
Sheila said…
You deserve an award for visiting every vendor! Hope you told them all to look at the blog.
Jane Franks said…
Again, a wonderfully nostalgic peek at my New England home! My cousin lives just up the beach in Rye! The Bazaar finds in New England are always the best! The grain sack bags are wonderful. I would have bought one, too! Reminds me of the pajamas my grandmother made us from grain sacks printed in children motifs "back in the day"! My uncle worked for a large grain company and brought the sacks to my grandmother! Also, my grandfather worked on the B&M RR and loved to entertain us with his watch and all the moving parts! He would take it apart and show us! Then the acorns! Only in New England do you see those sweet little acorns with caps intact. Three great memories! Thank you, Elaine!
This looks like so much fun...I love seeing hand made items and one of a kind pieces. I think those watch faces will make perfect napkins rings, good idea. The flour sack tote is really cute, great for a farmer's market, too!

We are having great weather but it's slowly working down to the 60's according to my weather guy. And we need rain, too. I used my sprinkle today on the front lawn.

Thanks always for coming by!

Jane x

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