Autumn Excitement and a Giveaway

It is almost that time of the year, time for my favorite season. I am definitely an Autumn Girl. I love everything about it.

To express my joyfulness and to celebrate a long overdue bloggerversary (it was 6 years in May), I am having a giveaway. The winner will receive an autographed Susan Branch Autumn cookbook and a tin of Autumn Cranberry tea from Jolie Tea in Hamilton.

I taste tested the tea at the Jolie Tea Company this weekend. I can honestly say I think you will enjoy the tea. Of course, there will be a few additional little surprises in your parcel when you receive it (if your name is chosen).

I am so thankful for my readers and especially those who take the time to comment or email me. I want to reward you. So if you have commented on any post since my first post in May your name will be thrown in the hat. In fact, you will get an entry for each post you commented on.

If you are just joining the fun of Café Chatelaine, you can comment on this post or any posts since my first post in May. Obviously I want you reading my blog. The more you comment the more entries you will receive.

I will draw the winner on Sunday, September 21st. Entries will be closed on 6PM on that day and the winner will be announced on my blog. The winner will be notified by email.

Good luck to everyone!


I have come over from our ATAA FB page and must confess autumn is my favourite season. It's the change in the air, the colours of flowers that star at this time and living where I do, the blaze of colour the trees put on.
I don't have a Susan Branch book of any kind but read about them on many blogs, the cook book and tea would would pair for a nice afternoon.
The previous post with the autumn tablescape was lovely, now I want to do my apple pie for Thanksgiving like the one you showed.
Marilyn Miller said…
Oh I have been wishing for that book. How exciting that would be.
Katherine said…
I too love autumn. The tea sounds great. I found you via the ATAA site.
Unknown said…
I am also an Autumn girl and a huge fan of tea and Susan Branch. I also have become a lover of New England after my recent trip to Martha's VIneyard ...oh how I wish I could move up there!!!How sweet of you! CONGRATS on your anniversary!! THANK YOU!
La Tea Dah said…
Next to spring --- autumn is my favorite season. :) But after the hot, miserable summer we've had --- I am looking SO forward to autumn. I love the crisp air, the beautiful colors, and the fragrances. And I love your blog!
Unknown said…
Elaine, I am so glad you joined ATAA as I was the one to invite you after I read your blog about a suggestion for traveling in New England. I have loved Susan Branch for many years. How nice is this............ Lori
Count Robot said…
cool! i will bribe percy so i can win
Denise said…
So nice to meet You and become Your newest follower.I would love to be included in Your lovely generous giveaway.Drop on over to meet Me. I found You through Our in common Tea Across America.Oh Yes and I can just feel Autumn is on it's way with the fun family times and cool air (only in My spirit though) The temps here have been over 100. Denise
Suburban prep said…
I have joined in as a follower on Google Friend. I have also put you into the bloglovin.
Last year I got a chance to meet Susan Branch when she was doing a book tour about the trip she took on the Queen Mary II to England.
I have loved loved her books since the first one I bought --quite some time ago.
I love Autumn. I love the football games and the change of the leaves and the cooler weather and then the food that goes along with it is without saying --Pumpkin especially.
Jane Franks said…
Congratulations Elaine! What a generous thing to do! I love Susan Branch and had the privilege of meeting her on her tour last year. I love her blog, her lifestyle, and the only book I own is her book, "A Fine Romance: Falling in Love with the English Countryside". It is just wonderful. I have wanted to get the Autumn Recipes book and would love to have it.
And I just love connecting with you and New England through your blog, too. A piece of home. I hope to move back some day. It keeps me connected. Thank you so much!!
Maritimer said…
Happy Anniversary Elaine :)

I am a big fan of New England so your blog is a natural fit for me. I have started following you on Pinterest as well. Susan Branch lives my dream lifestyle - can't say enough good things about her. I don't have her Autumn book but would love the chance to curl up with an delicious cup of tea and have a read! The leaves are starting to turn scarlet up here in New Brunswick - get ready for the show!!
Teresa said…
Congratulations on your blog anniversary! I just discovered your blog recently and have enjoyed all of your adventures and photos! I'd love a chance to win the tea and Susan Branch book. Thanks!

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