Salvaging Summer

When the season turned to Summer I had some great plans and a bucket list. I always make an effort to do everything on the list but I do not beat myself up if I can't complete it. It's now August and I know that some things will be pushed onto the Fall calendar.  I did enjoy the Sunset Lighthouse cruise I took in June.

It looks like my Summer vacation is a staycation again this year. No worries, I still had fun as evidenced by my Instagram account.

I played around with a tea vignette for a card swap with a Facebook group. I photographed some of my treasures to create a French themed card. The actual theme was Celebration. I figured everyone would do the 4th of July so I decided to do a card for Bastille Day.

I did go to the Vintage Bazaar in Salisbury, MA. It was inspiring and I spent way too much money.

I started but did not finish a July moments photo challenge. I enjoyed it anyway.

The kitties got a kitty condo. None of them used it at first. Percy likes it now. Oscar uses it occasionally and Molly used it once. Oh well, another good investment!

I hosted my Wimbledon Breakfast. We relaxed and watched the tennis while my Mum spent the day in the emergency room with my father. She was ok and was released the same day.

We had some wild and crazy weather. Rain and thunderstorms several times and a tornado damaged my old bank. My friend's office had the windows blown in. Thankfully she was not in at the time.

I dreamed of taking a Summer vacation but will perhaps do a few more daytrips before Summer's end.

I bought an old frame at a yard sale for a song and had it cleaned up and chalk painted by Colleen of Brissonte.

I enjoyed strawberry croissants from QVC. I just baked them from frozen and they are phenomenal. So flaky and buttery and huge. Perfect for impressing guests.
Last weekend I was supposed to go to Maine for the night but I came down with a cold.  I was flat on the couch for two days. It's better now but my big plans fell through.
I expect to have a few weeks of vacation soon. I've got to make some plans and salvage the Summer.


Salmagundi said…
Hope your summer ends with plans completed!! Always love your short trip posts. Sally
You still have time to complete all those plans. Kitty are you doing yoga?
Lily & Edward

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