A Serendipitous Trip to Concord

Did I tell you I am on vacation? Well I am, until August 25th, and while I do not have any big plans I hope to do a few daytrips to my favorite spots. I hope you will come along with me

On Friday, I went to Concord. If you read my blog much, you know I love Concord. The town is a mix of old and new. The history brings the tourists in. There's antique stores, cafes and boutiques and a pretty downtown.  The roads are tree lined and there is the occasional farm that can be seen on the road into Concord. There's so much to do here.

I made a beeline to Haute Coffee after I parked my car. Down the little alleyway I went in search of an ice coffee and a little something to eat. I did not have much for breakfast.

I ordered the egg sandwich with cheese and tomato on brioche. It was a mile high and delicious. My goodness they had hot chocolate on the menu! Parisian Hot Chocolate. I had to have it.

I brought a magazine to read but of course, people watching was more fun. This man was intense. Isn't this exactly what a coffee house should be? A place you can relax and read a book and enjoy a good quality coffee.

Next stop was a shop called Jack + Toba. I took this shot outside the shop.

Oh, I wanted this weekender bag. In fact, I love the entire bed and bedding. Just so cozy!

The shop has a bit of whimsy to it. Just look at the tags. I like a store that has labels on everything then I don't have to ask for the prices. I did end up speaking to Wendy who was working that day. In fact, we had a long conversation. She is fabulous and such an interesting person. She also writes a blog and she lives on a farm.

She holds events at the farm including barn dinners. The next one is October 19th. Fall in the country, yes I need to get tickets for that event. She was a wedding planner in San Francisco and now she hosts weddings on her farm. She is a great contact for my sister who is a live event painter for weddings and special events. Perfect, they should meet.

I love products for bath or laundry. These are from Laundress. I bought a bottle of their all purpose cleaner and can't wait to use it.

Is there no end to the fabulous bags in this shop? Wish I needed a bag. I could have walked out with at least 3.

Isn't this a nice display for the laundry products? Chalkboards and old boxes are favorites of mine.

More products on a real sink. So beautifully displayed. Love the faucets too.

There were many kitchen related items too. I bought a cheese list tea towel. It could be a Christmas gift but it might be for me.

I put my parcels in the car and then it was off to Nesting. Do you recognize the scene in the above photo? The scene was shown in the March Sisters Christmas movie.

This woman was Concord Chic as she looked at the merchandise at Nesting. This is the back room full of goodies.

Each vignette at Nesting is carefully crafted. I heard they were already planning their Christmas displays.

I love to buy little soaps and Nesting has an abundance of them. Always beautifully displayed.

How many items from this photo would you want to take home?  Too many for me.

An old frame becomes a towel rack. So clever!  Might steal this idea!

Since it is Summer, several vignettes were beach or ocean related.

These handcreams look just like tubes of paint. I have a box like this.

An old showcase for food is now a jewelry display and it looks fantastic!

A beautifully Summery display celebrates the waning days of Summer. I had a conversation with one of the partners and I might have a little photo gig. I would love to work with her! She also had some good info for my sister. It's all about the connections you make.
As I drove home, I travelled some of the side streets of Concord. I wished I had the time to stop and take photos of the beautiful gardens and wildflowers peaking out of chippy pickets fences.  The homes I passed had the most beautiful porches and architectural details. Such history in Concord dating back many hundreds of years. If you get the chance, you must experience Concord.


Laura J. said…
Of course, I have only visited Concord as a tourist. Lexington and Concord, the Green, the Colonial Inn and the lovely hillside cemetery a few steps from it. You have shown another whole side of this fun little town and I hope to trace your steps on my next trip! I share your weakness for scented soaps and luxurious lotions! So many beautiful vignettes in the shops there...
-Joan- said…
Never been to Concord but now I definitely want to go :)
Jane Franks said…
Thanks for the meander through Concord! Haven't been there in many years. So many cute shops now. One of my best friends lived in one of the historical houses on the Main Street (Rt. 62) in the town center of Concord. We worked together at Hanscom AFB nearby. Their home was filled with "originals" -- like a lantern made by Paul Revere! It was a living history museum. I loved visiting her! I always felt Louisa May Alcott or "Marmee" was about to appear around the corner or down one of the (very) steep staircases! Loved your photos!
Unknown said…
What a beautiful home. Those peacocks and the hydrangea lined lane are stunning. I think it's always best to follow your heart and not trends! Take care.
Salmagundi said…
I'm so envious of your day trips on the East Coast. My Maine heritage kicks in whenever you post about a trip to anywhere on the coast. I was born and raised in Colorado, but I can still hear in my brain my Grandfather's voice with his Maine accent. Over the years, I have visited; but not nearly enough. Sally

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