Summer Bucket List 2014

Will it be another staycation this Summer or something more exciting? Well, no big plans for the moment and here it is mid-July. In fact, I just created my Summer Bucket List for 2014. Mind you I did not even complete my Spring Bucket List but that's ok. It is not a competition.

I would love to add a mini vacation to Martha's Vineyard to my list but my room at my favorite Inn  is booked for Illumination Night  (that is the night of all nights to be on the Vineyard). I wanted to attend the event but I waited too long to book accommodations. There is one high priced "apartment" at the Inn available. My brain says you should not be that frivolous but my heart says go for it. Maybe there will be a cancellation of a more reasonably priced room. It better happen soon, there are catsitters to be booked and vacation days to be requested.

So here's the Summer Bucket List  Calendar for 2014:

1. Waterfire in Providence
2. Rockport fireworks August 9th- Done
3. Ocean Park illumination night August 2nd- missed it!
4. Go to see The Hundred Foot Journey August 10th
5. Kennebunkport daytrip -TBD
6. Afternoon Tea at the Boston Public Library -TBD
7. Provincetown Daytrip- cruise from Boston- TBD
8. See the new Lynx babies at the Stone Zoo- TBD

I purposely kept the list small. Maybe I will actually complete it! What's on your Summer Bucket List/Calendar?


Laura J. said…
What a wonderful list! It is so nice that you live close to so many great towns and events...I just finished reading The Hundred Foot Journey...the movie version should be grand! Have fun..looking forward to your Fall bucket list so that we can plan ahead!
Anne said…
What a fab list! I dont really have a bucket list for this summer. My mum is very ill and I darent go anywhere too far. I wish we were coming back over to New England though, we loved it.
I have never made a bucket list! What a great idea. We do plan on going Down East in August!
Fete et Fleur said…
What great list. You're making me miss Boston with number five. I hope you get to do it all. Have a glorious summer.

; )
Not much at the moment for me because I'm moving but be sure I envy yours ! My BFF is motoring down from Montreal to Boston and Cape Cod right now and I envy her too ! Thank you for becoming a member of The Silver Bunny. Your blog is really lovely ! All the best from Paris !
-Joan- said…
It might be too late to book your favorite MV inn for this year's Illumination Night but it's not too early to book NEXT YEAR'S... lol.
I haven't been to Illumination Night in too long but I have a video of some of it and maybe I'll watch that... not the same as being there but it's something. :)

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