Mood elevators

Yesterday, I had lunch with my sister at a fantastic restaurant called Bobby C's. I took a photo because the scene was so lovely.

I told my sister that dining al fresco was a mood elevator for me. We laughed about it but it's true. The weather was perfect and just sitting outside relaxing over lunch made me happy. I decided the subject was worth discussing and should become a blog post.

So, dining al fresco = mood elevator.

I love it when I capture a special moment with my camera. Sometimes it's just serendipitous that you happen upon a moment. This shot was taken at the family reunion I photographed a few weeks ago.

So, capturing special moments= mood elevator.

The perfect find is a mood elevator. I found these fantastic Tracy Porter dishes and trays at an estate auction a few years ago. I always view auctions as hit or miss but this particular auction was a definite hit. I get a high from finding items that are uniquely me but have had a history before I possessed them.

Auction finds = mood elevators.

Ilumination is a mood elevator. Twinkle lights, lanterns, or firelight. Anything that casts a beautiful warm glow brings me joy. You should see my Pinterest board entitled Illumination. Soft light soothes and calms me. Brings out the romantic in me. Takes me to my happy place.

Illumination = mood elevators.

A perfectly browned crème brulee. I think this could be my most favorite dessert. A crunchy top with oozy goodness underneath is nirvana to me.

Crème brulee= mood elevator.

And the last mood elevator, the ocean. From Maine to Rhode Island, I love spending time by New England's rocky coast. I love the smell and the sound of the sea. Walking the beach or sitting just watching the waves roll in and out is my favorite way to de-stress.

The ocean= mood elevator.

Ok, it's your turn. What are your mood elevators?


Oh, it's hard to top these, Elaine! Creme Brulee, it's always been my favorite dessert and I've actually made it a few times (never as good as the fine restaurants mind you!).

Hmmm...roof top dining...watching the sprinkler soak my garden just before sunset. Seeing my dogs lying in the grass, sniffing the air. A crackling bonfire. Watching Jimmy Fallon! Ha!

Jane xx
Elaine said…
Jane, all good mood elevators. Love a crackling bonfire!
People have been asking me on Facebook why I didn't include my cats. They're a constant in my life but they do make me happy.
Jane from New England said…
Creme Brulee and New England coast -- hard to beat! You're making me homesick but glad for the reminder. Right now my mood lifter is getting into my writing and spending time with my "friends" (the characters I'm writing about!). That's my rest of the summer project. Your blog is a mood lifter, too, and all the "sweet New England" reminiscences! Thanks so much. Jane
Jane Franks said…
I'm changing my Name/URL to my full name to avoid confusion! I'm Jane from New England!! (transplanted for now but not forever!!) Thanks for your blog! :-)

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