A Mid Summer Night's Stroll

I attended the second annual Summer Stroll in Melrose on Friday night. We were blessed with picture perfect weather.

Main Street is shut down from 6PM-9PM so strollers can visit the local businesses along Main Street. Gift stores, boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants were all open and having sales and promotions.

Dining al fresco was a popular activity at the Stroll. Restaurants that normally don't have outdoor seating were allowed to create small cafes on the sidewalk.

Then there was the takeout crowd. Want some shrimp cocktail on the run?  No problem. Turner's Seafood had it covered. They had a streetside raw bar.
There were four legged strollers too and they were welcome to take in the sights as well.
I was the event photographer for the Chamber of Commerce at the Stroll. It's a fun job but someone has to do it. I ran into my friend, Pam and her daughter Nicole as I walked the length of Main Street.
My sister participated too. She did some live event sketching of the goings on.
 This little girl danced up a storm and then took a water break.
The turnout for the event was fantastic!  Hundreds enjoyed the music and danced.
Some just found a seat anywhere and had themselves a chat.
Others came for the musical performances.
Sidewalk art was a favorite activity.

It started to take over the street but no one minded. The kids were having so much fun.

The flower baskets were beautiful. They added nice color to the Stroll.

The Victorian lighting always makes the downtown area even more appealing.

Last year, this man got the wheelchair access he had been asking for. There were curb cuts created in the sidewalk to allow wheelchair access.

A 3-D sidewalk chalk artist was hired. He did a great job.
Another artist painted some of the passersby.

Absolutely Fabulous or Ab Fab as it is known in Melrose, had a great crowd all night. Actually all the restaurants were hopping.

Petrone's Pizza set up shop outside their business.

These girls were not only Melrose chic but they were great salespeople. They were almost sold out when I got to their lemonade ice tea stand.

Speaking of Melrose Chic, there were many stylish people on Main Street on Friday night.

This chalk artist was stylish in her turquoise shoes.

My sister's violin teacher was there too. I thought I had missed his musical performance but I think he was just there to check things out.

My friend Carolyn's daughter and grandson checked out the activities.
Looking at the event through my lens, I would say the Summer Stroll was a huge success, Everyone had a great time eating, drinking, walking, dancing, singing, and creating. Great job Melrose Chamber of Commerce and everyone who participated.


Sheila Foley said…
This summer stroll was even better than last year's. Your blogpost also shows it to best advantage. I almost feel like I was there. Oh, right, I was there.

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