The pleasures of a day off

I took a day off from work on Friday. I had planned to take a photography class but decided against it. It was a 3 day commitment and expense that I just did not want to take at this time.

I had breakfast with a friend in Wakefield and then took a solo trip to Concord. If you have been reading my blog for a while you know Concord is one of my favorite towns. I started with Nesting on Main, a fantastic shop right in the heart of downtown.

The store uses a neutral palette for display with soft pops of color. I always spend too much money here because all of the merchandise matches my taste perfectly.

I had to control myself with the recent expenses of Molly's health care. This was one of the reasons I nixed the photography workshop. I wanted to buy everything in the cabinet but I controlled myself buy a single item (in the cabinet).

Do you love silver things as much as I do? A classy display for sure.

At Nesting, you will find antique and vintage pieces, and then there are the fabulous repurposed items. Did you notice the saxophone lamp?

The green birdcage caught my eye. In one of my magazines or home décor books there was a photo of a green birdcage just like the one above and the homeowner or stylist had used it to cover teacups and china dishes. So cute! I wanted the birdcage but passed on it. A little pricey for me. Maybe I can find one at a flea market.

What a sweet way to display bath products, bring in the whole sink!

I have never tried tub tea but it smelled wonderful. And you know that beautiful recipe book caught my attention.

 The ladies of Nesting have such a knack for presentation. Each piece is masterfully placed.

There are a couple of rooms to the shop. This room had more natural elements and again the neutral palette.

Oooh, would Vivienne my dress form like a little sister? Sorry, not today. I have no room for another little Vivienne.

It would be cool to have a scale like this in my bathroom. Oh wait, I am afraid of scales!

Back to the main room and the sunny entrance of the shop.  The floor is spectacular.

Unrelated objects all blend seamlessly when you use a muted palette. I like the composition of the display with the lamp shades and umbrella.

I was going to collect vintage mirrors at one point. I have two, but decided I have enough collections in my home. I let this beauty stay at the store.

Since the store is called Nesting, there are many birds and nature related displays in the store.

Speaking of nature, this is Phoebe, the neighboring shopkeeper's dog. She often wanders in for a treat from the ladies at Nesting.

A unique table for the industrial chic crowd.

Plenty of artsy items here. I love how this corner is merchandised.

Another shot of Phoebe before I depart. Here's the cool floor I mentioned earlier in this post. Bye Phoebe, I will be back!

I asked Terry at Nesting for a recommendation for a local coffee shop. I knew about the one downstairs that is always crowded and I did not want to go to a Starbucks. I wanted a coffee shop with ambience and a good product. She pointed me to Coffee Haute which is down a little alleyway and within walking distance of Nesting.

Oooh, yes! This will do nicely. I was a little warm from my walk and I wanted a snack and a cold drink.

And I staked out my spot. This is MY chair.

What a nice place to get the creative juices flowing. Spacious, uncrowded at this time of day, and the aroma of a good brew.

If I had not been flying solo, this would have been my seat of choice but I left it for a larger group should it be needed.

I love the couch and the table. The owners have a sense of style and have created a comfy spot despite the industrial look.

I guess I know who will take up residence at that comfy sofa and cool table.

I would imagine if it got busy it would still seem spacious in here. There is outdoor seating as well.

By the time I took this photo I had already devoured my chocolate cupcake with espresso frosting. The coffee was nice and strong and was not weakened by the ice.

I love love love Haute Coffee. I will be back for one of their fabulous salads another day. So glad I asked Terry for a recommendation.

Can't wait to return to Concord on another day when I have even more time to explore.


What a nice way to treat yourself! I would love to visit this shop, I really enjoy a place where some thought goes into how everything is displayed. Of course it's fun to dig for a treasure, but I also love a little help in visualizing how something will look in my home.

Great coffee shop. We have a few cool ones nearby, I've yet to just go by myself to chill.

Hope you have a great Sunday!

Anonymous said…
What a wonderful outing! I just adore shiny, silvery things, as well! Thank you for taking us along! ~ Donna =)
Kopi Luwak said…
it is nice place to spend vacations. The shops is really decorated with beautiful items. It is nice to spend time in coffee shop.

Finn Felton
Anne said…
This shop looks amazing! My favourite type of place to visit! I did a double take when you said you had been to Wakefield since that is where I live (but in UK of course!).
MsGraysea said…
Thank you for taking me along on this wonderful visit to Concord. Also one of my favorite places. My cousins grew up in Carlisle and every summer I would spend several weeks there and we would visit Concord very often. So lovely. Nesting is just my kind of place, and Coffee Haute looks heavenly, too.
So happy you shared such a fun time, just for you!

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