Sailing the high seas- A Sunset Lighthouse Cruise

A sunset lighthouse cruise has been on my bucket list for a while now. So when I realized there was one happening just over the border in New Hampshire I jumped on it. By jumped on it, I mean I emailed my sister and strongly hinted that a ticket to the sunset lighthouse cruise would make a really nice birthday gift.

Luckily she agreed and she bought a ticket for herself as well.

 I left work early to beat the Friday night traffic heading north. I packed a small dinner for the two of us and some extra jackets. I am definitely glad I had the extra layers with me. It was quite chilly out on the open seas.

The boat left Rye Harbor around 7:00 on a picture perfect night. There was a nice breeze that was not too strong. The weather was what I call sweater weather. We seriously could not have asked for a better night. My sister was saying she hoped the sunset cooperated because there was not much cloud cover. Sunsets are so much more interesting with clouds.

We cruised along at a good pace and were at the Isles of Shoals in no time. Our first lighthouse of the evening was the White Island Light. And we had clouds!

My sister was already wearing her extra layer of clothing. She was thoroughly enjoying the view as I snapped photo after photo.

The texture of the water was stunning. I loved seeing ripples in the water. They are more defined at sunset. The colors are enhanced as the sun does not wash them out at this time of night.

A lone boat added to the feeling of peace. I am always at peace when I am on the ocean. I felt cradled by the boat as it rocked from side to side. It was a gentle rocking, nothing to worry about really.

We passed by the mostly uninhabited Appledore Island. I wonder if the men caught any fish.

See what I mean? Peaceful scenery all around. Could it be more relaxing? It doesn't take long to switch to vacation mode. This trip was just a 3 hour mini vacation.

There were no words for the beauty surrounding the boat. We had a nice cloud to sky ratio, making for a beautiful sunset.

Here's a view from the edge of the boat. I did not venture out for too long. 

The photographers were lined up as if they were the paparazzi. We were all looking for that perfect shot.

We cruised along and made our way out to the next lighthouse. We had spectacular views from every seat on the boat.

Lighthouse number 2 was called Whaleback. I think this one was my favorite. I love that it's made of stone.

The sunset was very dramatic at this point. I wanted it to stay this way forever.

The boat changed positions several times so everyone got a good look at each lighthouse. The tour guide was obviously a photographer as he stopped talking a few times to take photos.

This woman in the red coat made for a nice contrast to the blue scene. I often try to find an interesting subject for the foreground of the shot.

Goodbye Whaleback. You are a spectacular lighthouse!

Our next stop and last stop was Portsmouth Light. The beacon was green. Very interesting. Our photographer guide had the boat positioned so we would have some nice orange color behind the lighthouse.

Indeed, it was spectacular and the light was starting to fade. That meant photo opportunities were limited.

The colorful cloud brushstrokes were becoming smaller and smaller.

One last look at Portsmouth Light before heading home.  I left with a headful of sweet memories of yet one more beautiful New England experience.


Salmagundi said…
WOW what fun! Beautiful photos -- thanks for sharing. Sally
Anne said…
That sounds wonderful to me. Tony my husband gets really bad sea sickness so wouldnt have gone on the trip but when we were over on Cape Cod last year I did manage to lure him onto the ferry to Martha's Vineyard. We visited several lighthouses and I would love to have seen them lit up from the ocean.
weaverpat said…
What a great birthday gift!
Wonderful that you and your sister have such good times together.
Love the stone Whaleback light!
New England is a dream. We frequented New Hampshire and Maine often, and our local shores in Marblehead and Boston, and the ocean is our favorite. What a GREAT birthday gift! I hope you had a great celebration (and these photos indicate you got a great start!) - Thank you so much for coming to visit and leave a message. Enjoy your summer reading as I have been! Anita
These are gorgeous pictures...I think the Whaleback lighthouse is my favorite and some of the shots should be framed! So glad you had a good night.

And I missed your birthday weekend! Happy Belated Birthday! You did it up good! The eggs and that divine cake made my mouth water.

Thanks for popping in. I think Chicago has many rivals now when it comes to pizza. I think they made it to the big league when they started making deep dish. Now we just hang on to that reputation! Ha!


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