Repurposed Heaven-Vintage Bazaar, Summer 2014

Last Sunday, I went to the Vintage Bazaar at Pettengill Farm in Salisbury, Massachusetts. Last year, I went to the one in the Fall so this year I thought I might enjoy the Summer market.

There were so many vendors covering the fields. I knew I could not cover it all in the time allotted. Of course, I was stopping to take photos and talk to the vendors so I know I missed so much.

I love ornate furniture and this one was clearly repainted and distressed. Great green color and love the knob and hardware.

What a cute idea, combining two chairs to make a bench. Fabulous color too!

I wanted this vintage moped! How adorable! I asked the vendor about it. He said it was from 1968 and he wanted $1200 for it. It would have been fabulous to tool around Boston with it but I had to say no.

I did buy one of these steampunked shoe lasts. I think it would make a great business card holder.

This is so funny. Wouldn't this yield table be perfect for a high traffic area of the home? The guy that made this is fascinating. He's a young man who loves anything old and can repurpose anything. My sister and I spent some time talking to him. He wants to open two shops, one in Portsmouth and one in Portland.  I will definitely keep an eye out for the shop openings.

Here is another one of his creations, the fire escape bookcase/shelf. As you can see, his stuff is one of a kind.

Whenever I spy a tea cart I take a photo. I already have 3 carts so no need for another one.

If you were hungry, you could order lunch from this trolley car restaurant. Too cute!

Aren't these birdhouses fabulous? I would love one of these for over our patio at my condominium.

We had a celebrity in attendance too. Cari Cucksey of Cash and Cari on HGTV was signing autographs and chatting with fair goers.

Her booth was fantastic and I loved her style. That apron makes the outfit.

Since we were short on time, we decided to bring our own lunch. Pinwheel sandwiches of eggplant, tomato, mixed greens, cheese and roasted pepper dressing. Delicious. My sister's SUV hatchback turned into a café.

Some people arrived fashionably late, animals were welcome too. This puppy was adorable. Oops, that's my sister's feet!

Back to the shopping! What a cute little trailer turned vintage clothing shop! The owner certainly had a flair for merchandising.

I have a friend who would wear and look good in the dress on the left. I wish she had seen it.

Yes, inside there were more items. A mobile vintage shop, genius!

The interior was as cool as the exterior. Just so cheery and adorable!

Not sure if the trailer is named Rosie or the shop is named Rosie. Maybe both. We did not see the vendor.

Ok enough with the photos of this shop. Time to move on.

Wish I bought this for Molly. She would have liked to cat nap in style. Perhaps I could DIY one?

Not the best photo but I wanted to show the creeper table/bar. My sister bought this one for her porch.

Do you know what a creeper is? It is used by auto mechanics to slide under the cars they work on. It is actually much cuter than depicted in the photo. My sister liked that it was repurposed and a narrow piece.

I liked this big piece with the shelf and cool hooks. It was too wide for the space in my house so it stayed on the market.

There was musical entertainment scheduled for the whole day. You can tell by the blue skies that the weather was fabulous. A perfect day to be outdoors.

We did not stay to watch the entertainment but we heard them and they all sounded wonderful.

So what did we buy? My sister as I mentioned bought the creeper table. Here it is on the porch. It may actually make it's way to my sister's art studio as my Dad was not all that fond of it.

From the back of my sister's SUV, I photographed my new old box collection. Yes, I bought all of these at the Fair. I have big plans for the breakfast cocoa box. I have a small shelf with ornate black wrought iron brackets that I think would look great with this box atop of it. It will be cute in my kitchen.

I like to use this type of box to hold photos or teabags. If I ever do fairs myself and sell my photos I might use these for display.

The tall box in the middle has a leather strap. It was used to hold window glass. The boxes were purchased from different vendors. If you like vintage boxes and crates, this is the place for you.
The next Vintage Bazaar is September 20-21 at Pettengill Farm in Salisbury, Massachusetts. If you don't live to far away, you might want to make the trip.


Salmagundi said…
Great stuff! Enjoyed the tour. Sally
What a great outing! I like your sister's new table, I think it's really funky!

I love tailgating too, it's so much fun! Have a great week!
karen mcnamara said…
Hi the kid you talked to is my bf..we plan to be at vintage again in sept and will be at assembly row in somerville july 17. You can find his fb page by searching scrapped and found!!
Marilyn Miller said…
now this looks like fun.
Jane from New England said…
Love your blog! I grew up in New England and just discovered you through a friend in UK. How fun is that! Thanks for reminding me of home!

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