Molly's Spa Day

Molly had to visit the vet yesterday for a procedure. I did not want her to worry so I told her she was going for a spa day.

The truth was she was having an abdominal ultrasound. My baby has been losing weight and vomiting lately. All the routine tests showed no red flags so her vet suggested the ultrasound. I wanted piece of mind and to stop the weight loss.

I said a few prayers for Molly as we left for the vets office and I even called on a few angels (some cat loving friends who are in heaven now).

I told Molly this was going to be a great experience, this spa day. She will have her belly shaved and it will be a new look for her. She will have some time away from her brothers. She can have me to herself for most of the day. The "Spa" is located in a very nice town and there will be pretty trees to look at and lots of birds flying around and possibly some other wildlife to watch.

 Molly is the only cat I know that enjoys being in her carrier. She doesn't mind the car rides, she doesn't mind going to the vet, she is quite content to stay in her carrier.

Well, the prayers worked. Molly does not have cancer, or a thyroid problem, or diabetes. She may have pre-renal disease so I am weaning her off her present food. Eventually she will be on a kidney diet. But that's it, no pills, no surgery.

We were very lucky and we had a wonderful trip to the Andover Animal Hospital Spa.


What a sweet way to share your experience (and Molly's) I'm so happy to hear she will be fine!! Yay!!!!!

weaverpat said…
I don't think my kitties would have bought the 'spa' idea! But it was a nice way to present it to Molly.
I'm so glad there is no acute problem requiring surgery or anything. Hopefully the renal diet will keep her happy and healthy for many years to come.
Purrs and head bumps!
Yay!!! We are happy she doesn't have the "C"
Lily & Edward
Just found your blog; I am absolutely in love with your cats !
Anonymous said…
So glad your fur baby will just need a change in her diet! Such a pretty girl, too! ~ Donna =)
WendyBee said…
I love your approach to taking sweet Molly to the Vet. We lost our dear Andy to renal disease almost 10 years ago, and we still miss him.
And I love the pocket doors on your header photo. We lived in a house with that feature back in Ohio. I miss its charming 1920 features.

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