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Sometimes I take a photo here and there and never share it on this blog so today I am sharing some photos I posted on my Instagram account. 

I turned an old post office box into a tea caddy. The dividers are paint color samples.

I used to keep flour in this glass canister. I decided to put tea in it instead.

I was asked to do an open house for a million dollar condo in Beacon Hill. This is the view from the dining room.

And here is the dining room. This is one of three fireplaces in the home. Sigh!

My friend Don came over and he tried to get a good shot of Oscar who is very camera shy.

A display at Maison Décor in Reading. The background is a paper panel made up of vintage wallpapers. I want to buy a sheet just not sure where I could use it in my home.

I represented my company at a homebuyer fair in South Boston. We Bostonians call this part of town  Southie.

This was dessert at a work function. I can't believe I ate the whole thing! Who remembers that commercial?

I am signing up for a photography class at the Griffin Museum in Winchester. I love this door.

This building is so cool and sits on a pond near the center of town. I am looking forward to the class.

Percy and I shared a lazy Saturday morning with coffee and home décor books.

A lovely antique buffet sits on a checkerboard floor at Brackett's Oceanview Restaurant in Rockport. Every time I see this piece I want to take it home with me.

A friend invited me up to her rooftop deck and we had an impromptu appetizer party. It was a gorgeous afternoon.

So there you have it, lots going on as usual. Sometimes I just forget to share it all with you.


Anonymous said…
All great pics! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your photography class...Looking forward to seeing the results! ~ Donna =)
Oh my, my heart is doing a flip-flop! BEACON HILL? We used to walk up and down its streets, and SOUTHIE? My girlfriend's husband was from there, and his accent was a joy to hear. HI THERE! I hope the Boston Commons are bursting with the colors of all the azaleas that I remember, and that all is well! Thank you for coming to visit. Enjoy your day! Anita
It's great catching up with you through your photos and pictures. I am so happy that you are doing photography work and taking the class as well. Life sounds good. Except you have me worried about Molly. Sending a few prayers and hoping you let us know how she does.

WendyBee said…
Great pics! Photography classes -- that is something I should do. I keep thinking that I should at least read my user manual! That would be a start in improving my skills.
Looking forward to more of your pics.

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