Celebrating all weekend

Today is my birthday and it is also Father's Day. I was actually born on Father's Day so it is kind of neat that my birthday falls on the holiday again this year. I decided to celebrate all weekend.

When I went outside Saturday morning, I could not believe how our condo garden has grown. This is my neighbor Emily's doing not mine, but I benefit since the best of the little garden is right outside my window. The flowers bloomed beautifully for my birthday weekend.


Molly is enjoying her new kidney diet and her coat is looking great. That is a nice birthday present that Molly is healthy.

We practiced selfies.
Percy gets jealous. He likes all the attention.
We decided to have my birthday on Saturday so Dad could have his day on Sunday. My sister took me out for brunch on Saturday. We both went with the Eggs Florentine.

After we had brunch I went to visit my Mom at the nursing home. Afterwards I had to go to Molly's vet's to buy her special food.  This chapel is on the same road as the vet's and I have always wanted to see it up close.

So I drove down the little path and took a good look. It is such a pretty stone chapel. I could not get inside but the exterior was spectacular.

The doors were impressive. The chapel, called West Parish Chapel was featured in Yankee Magazine.

The doors are fantastic. I love all the iron scrollwork on them. Oh look there's my shadow.

My friends came over to my Dad and sister's house for cake and presents. Chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse. It was a very caloric weekend. I got some nice gift cards and my sister and I are going on a Sunset Lighthouse Cruise in Portsmouth on Friday night. This was her present to me.

I got up early today and drove up to Todd Farm Flea Market in Rowley. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and not too hot. I will show you what I bought in my next post.

I was so happy to have found a new radio station for my car radio. On the way up to Rowley, I heard a Fleetwood Mac marathon and some tunes from Pat Benatar. Driving home it was all U2. I was loving it. It brought back memories. My kind of music.

After I got home I made myself a latte, took it out to the patio and read some favorite magazines. Look at the photo above I think I have found my next daytrip location.

My sister and I went for our usual Sunday breakfast at Aroma Café. Dad went golfing. The man is on oxygen 24/7 yet he has managed to still keep up his golf game. Unbelievable!

I checked on the flowers and I swear they grew taller since yesterday. Tonight, we gave Dad his gift and had Legal Seafood takeout. He gave me my gift and we ate baked schrod and birthday cake. Life is good!


Deb said…
Well, Happy Birthday to you. We share the same birthday and I, too, celebrated with all the dads yesterday. I was also born on Father's Day. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead. Deb
weaverpat said…
What a lovely birthday weekend!
Food, flowers, time with family and kitties. What could be better?
I'm glad you had a wonderful time.
Anonymous said…
Oh, Chatelaine...Happy, Happy Birthday!! Your weekend sounded wonderful, the chapel was just beautiful and the food looked divine! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you found while shopping! ~ Donna =)
La Tea Dah said…
What a lovely week-end! Happy birthday! The food looked yummy and the flower garden is stunning! All the best in the year ahead!
Happy Birthday Elaine! I'm a June baby too!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

Hey, is that church in Andover? It looks like one that I ride by often.

Have a wonderful week!

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