Spontaneous trips are best

Yesterday while lunching with my sister I mentioned that I might go to Rockport in the evening to photograph the sunset. I told her I wanted to do something fun. We have two parents not in the best of health so weekends are not always fun.

"Aw, I want to go!", my sister said. So we made a plan for the evening. We would have dinner in Rockport and watch the sun set. Our spontaneous outings are always the most fun. Less plans equal a better time.

We had dinner at Brackett's Oceanview, a gem of a restaurant on the main drag in town. We split a clam roll and I had a cup of chowder too. Since we didn't call for a reservation we did not get an oceanview table. We didn't care. We were by the ocean on a beautiful night.

After dinner, we walked down to the boat launch. We could hear the waves rolling in. The breeze was just perfect. The temperature was cool, just to my liking. The sights and sounds were heavenly. I love exploring off the beaten path.

We did not think we would get a glorious sunset and we didn't but we didn't mind. It was peaceful by the boat launch and the sky with it's soft pastel hues was magnificent.

The houses by the ocean are not mansions but they have such charm. My sister said the trees over the red house looked spooky and should be in Salem not Rockport.

The sky got pinker as we stood watching the colors develop. I could have watched all night. It is such a special place. I think it could heal whatever ails you.

Here's a better picture of the spooky trees. As you can see, the houses are modest here.

I was losing the light at this point so forgive the blurry photos. Tulips in a garden by the sea.

You see this type of garden and fencing on Cape Cod too. Beach gardens are fascinating to me.

After we viewed the gardens, we walked downtown. We browsed through the merchandise at Wicked Peacock and conversed with the owner. Further down the street, we started talking with some women who were fundraising for Rockport Fireworks and Illumination Night. August 9th will be a fun night in Rockport. There will be lanterns hung in the town center and fireworks over the harbor. We marked our calendars and gave a small donation. This is a grassroots effort by a couple of women. Very inspiring!

Speaking of illumination, we walked back to the other end of Main Street and marveled at the newly constructed Shalin Liu Performance Center. This building is set oceanside and behind the stage is a glass window with the ocean behind it. It is the coolest venue for a concert. The outside is just as impressive. Functions are held here too.

Here's a closer look at the Performance Center. I hope to see a concert there this Summer. But even if I don't get tickets I will definitely be back to relax, hear the crashing of the waves and watch the pink skies over Rockport.


Anonymous said…
Oh, what a wonderful last minute excursion!!! Thank you for "taking" us along...And, your meal sounds divine!! ~ Donna
Donna said…
I loved your photos, Elaine. We did not make it to Rockport at all last year. This year for sure. And yes, you would have thought the carpet had catnip in it the way Baby was acting! I think she just wanted to get her scent all over it! Anything new she claims as her own! Have a great week!
I love unexpected road trips! Yours looked like a blast!
WendyBee said…
What a lovely evening! I'm sorry to hear that your parents are not well. That can be hard, but you have done the right thing, take a little time to breathe and look around you, and visit with a sister.

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